Artistic Retro Modern Bedroom Furniture

Barcelona Chair Black Leather Accent Chair

Furnishing a bedroom can be a lot of stress, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. A certain joy should come from decorating and creating environments in which you can live – it really is a license to let your creativity do the talking. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy things on a whim, nor have any overarching aesthetic plan, in fact, it would really help if you can imagine what the finished article will be like and how it would feel to live and spend time there. Contemporary furniture offers you the greatest level of creativity, aside from actually building the furniture yourself and at Pash Classics we have beautifully designed options that can give you an entirely different perspective on what it is to create a bedroom living space.

Our Barcelona Day Bed is inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe who created an entire collection for the German Pavilion. Its design is clearly retro, yet reassuringly modern in its appearance. It’s future-retro look is a nod to culture and will fit in any modern apartment where simplicity of design fits alongside aesthetic beauty. Contemporary bedroom furniture like this is incredibly adaptable and can be utilised in any way you want. The bed can be easily moved, items can be stored beneath it and it can be used however you wish. Its fine Italian Leather gives it a charm that is hard to match, and despite its original design aim, it will remind you of a 1960s office in New York, since it is reminiscent of so many Chaise Longues. The bed is available in black and white and is mounted on a solid beech wood frame. Modern bed frames like this offer comfort but durability and add to the overall picture that this bed creates.

If you are looking for items to couple it with, we have Barcelona Ottoman which is also inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe and has the same leather surface design and chrome frame. Chairs like this are design at its very height, with adaptability at the heart of it. It you want to use it as a chair it is a comfortable and easy to move about, or, if you would like to store clothes on it at night, it can be a very convenient place for them, which is great for those who always seem to be in a rush.

A bedside table is a great addition to any room, but purely functional isn’t all you should hope for. At Pash Classics we have an Eileen Gray inspired side table which is stylish and, once again, hints at the retro-modern genre. Its tempered glass top is easy to clean and will be a great display table for a clock or various cosmetics. The table itself makes intriguing use of angles and circles to create a pleasing look that is never yearning for your attention. With items such as this, the line begins to blur between what is considered art and what is considered a piece of furniture.

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