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Living the Mies van der Rohe way

If you’re looking for an excuse to uproot and move to Chicago, then we might have found a compelling reason for you to start packing your belongings.

Mies van der Rohe’s very own glass-walled personal residence is currently on the market for what strikes us as a very reasonable $619,000 – not much more than a four bedroomed detached house in a middling area of the UK, once you have converted the currency.

Situated in the woodland area of Olympia Fields, it is called the H.P. Rockwell Davis House and is a mini-masterpiece of modernism. The estate agent’s pictures show it furnished with Pash Classics favourites including the Eames Lounge Chair and Pierre Poulin’s Orange Slice Chair.

The residence was designed and built in 1964 by H.P. Davis "Deever" Rockwell of Brenner Danforth Rockwell, a student of van der Rohe and was recognised at the time with an award from the American Institute of Architects.
A glass house
Measuring at 3,600 square feet and siting on a 2.5 acre plot, the house has been sympathetically updated from its original five bedroom design to now feature four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

As estate agent Joe Kunkel says: “Many of the famous modernist glass homes are now museums but this is one of the few that someone can buy and actually live in."

It’s tempting, Joe, very tempting.

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