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A sad goodbye to Mad Men

It is with a bittersweet feeling that fans of Mad Men will have received the news this week that the iconic programme will end its run with seven episodes to be shown from April.

Has there ever been another television show that has had so much influence on the way that we dress ourselves and furnish our homes? It’s doubtful. For lovers of mid-century modern design, Mad Men presented a style to which to aspire.

At Pash Classics, we think that the genius of the Mad Men look is that it doesn’t aim for a kind of clinical perfection. These are not show homes or offices but have a genuine lived-in appearance.

mad men

Crucially, as well, you can see how to blend clean, modern design with something more traditional. You will spot a number of Eames chairs but they are quite often likely to be seen next to a desk or dresser in an earlier style. And it works.

Set designer Amy Wells has explained her vision for the show: “I want to make Mad Men look real, as if the people really have those pieces. It’s important that they be imperfect, not iconic.”

There’s an important line of thinking here. You can throw out every item of furniture in your house and apartment and adopt the mid-century look throughout but a classic piece of design such as a Le Corbusier dining table or a Eames leather office chair will look appropriate in almost any setting. These pieces have a simplicity and a rightness that means they will fit even if you place them in a room that is furnished with good design from all kinds of eras and sources.

So, if you love the look of that mid-century dining chair, just buy it, no matter what your other current furnishings are like. We can guarantee it will work in your home, just like it does in Don Draper’s.

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