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Modern Retro Furniture And Lighting

Creating a unique effect with lighting can take some creative thinking. Placing traditional lights so they cast shadows is a great way to give a room a completely different character once it has gone dark. This can be very tricky to get right however, since the shadow may cover an all-important area. If you’re wanting uniform light then the best option is to choose designer lights. At Pash Classics, we have some incredibly creative designs from floor standing varieties, to table lamps and even contemporary pendant lighting. Poul Henningsen was a Danish author and architect who primarily worked through the first half of the 20th century to create some fearsomely unique designs that are sought after today. Fortunately, we have two lights that are directly inspired by his design style, both of which utilise light exceptionally well in order to create an artwork of light. The Artichoke Lamp is one such artful creation that is unexpected and unpredictable in its design. The panelled latticework manages the light so that it reflects and warms the entire lamp until it exits. As you might imagine, when this is lit up it is unlike any lamp you have ever seen. Its design is timeless despite being created decades ago, and its use of light is magical.

The Snowball Light is similarly warm, despite its name. Lit up it casts light in every direction creating soft layers and gradients across the room which can be very gratifying. These can be combined with modern floor lamps to ensure that specific areas can be lit independent of the ambient light source. The Arco Floor Lamp is stylish but entirely functional, with a long swanlike neck that bends to your will. It is perfect stood behind a chair and used as a reading lamp, or alternatively it can stand next to a desk to cast light on your work. Lighting like this can help to keep your eyes from feeling strained if you are working long into the night.

We also have a mushroom shaped table lamp that is entirely retro in its organic simplicity. The Nesso Table Lamp is inspired by Giancarlo Mattiolo and is designed to create a nice warm glow, rather than a sharper, harsh light source that many lamps can create. This ambient light gives a homely look to rooms that can make them seem more inviting.

Each of these examples of lighting go fantastically with our retro furniture. If you have an interest in 20th century design, then we are one of the best stores to come to, particularly since we have gone to lengths to recreate some of the best designs by some of the best designers. Furniture and lighting like this helps to give interior decor a culturally referential element which people can often instantly recognise as being from a particular period. Overall, it can create an effect that may be consigned to history as far as the general populace is concerned, but these timeless styles have enough creativity and vitality to still exist today.

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