It’s time to accessorise your mid-century room

George Nelson Clock

We all love classic 20th century furniture designs for their sleek functionality, their honesty about the materials from which they are made and their low-level, decidedly cool appearance. But maybe you also want to bring something with a little more brash into your home. And this is where accessorising is essential.

Mid-century accessories are often vibrant, abstracted and – above all – fun. They contrast with the furniture with which they frequently matched, bringing a splash of colourful Atomic Age confidence and wit. The slice of lime in the gin and tonic.

And, out of all the accessories we see and sell, our favourite are George Nelson’s fabulous clocks. People see them, fall in love with them, check out the very reasonable price tags and just have to have them in their lounge or kitchen.

Nelson originally designed his clocks for the Howard Miller Clock Company, mainly in the 1950s, and produced nearly 300 different versions, many of which have become recognised classics including the Ball, Starburst, Eye, and Asterisk, Star, Turbine, Kite, Steering Wheel, Block and Petal clocks that we sell at Pash Classics.

They all add a smile to the simple action of glancing up at the wall to check the time but there is also a rightness to them that makes more sense when you find out that Nelson attracted some of the biggest design names of the time to his design practice. The shapes, colours and forms of these timepieces came from the sharpest minds around at the time.

George Nelson Associates also produced a wide range of other designs for the home from planters to room dividers and from spice cabinets to hanging bubble lamps. Many are wonderful and it is worth spending a little time on Google looking them up. In the future, we hope to add more to the Pash Classics range.

In the meantime, happy browsing!

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