Modern furniture inspired by history

the Eames Lounge Chair in White Leather

If you’re decking out your new house or apartment and want to keep it contemporary but classy, your first step should be to look at history: and then check out the modern twists on it when it comes to furniture. Contemporary living room furniture is a large market and you’ll have many places and styles to choose from, to suit every budget. Our particular specialism is exactly what you might be looking for – that tricky combination where modern furniture is designed with a nod to the past, and here are two examples:

The Eames chair

A sought-after 50’s classic, the Eames chair continues to be an iconic design. It was created with comfort in mind as well as looking like a designer item and succeeded on both fronts, hence its popularity. The original was designed to look like a well-worn glove with a flexible backrest and headrest, so it will look inviting to sit or lounge on, no matter what the style of your room. It’s also a great conversational piece and something not found in an average furniture shop.

The original chairs are sought after collectible items and are restricted to those who can afford them, but the modern versions are extremely similar and offer no difference in style and funk factor – except when it comes to the price. In keeping with the tradition of the Eames chair using new materials and incorporating them into the design, you can get them in a variety of colours and with differentiations in the materials to suit the rest of your home décor easily. You can also check out other designs that have been based on or inspired by similar designers.

The Chaise Longue

Sometimes pronounced “Chaise Lounge”, this is a chair that is made longer to also enable you to get your feet up too, and who wouldn’t enjoy that? Historically enjoyed by the French but going back to ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, it’s the stylish and coolest way to literally lounge around. Whenever a Chaise Longue is in the room, you’ll be fighting everyone else to sit (or lie) on it.

Although chaise longues are often found in antique shops (with a price tag to match), there are modern, contemporary versions being made and we stock several of them. Built for the modern-thinking but classically minded home décor lover, you can now have the glamour of ancient Rome or Greece updated to fit your own style. Of course, you get to lie on it too – it’s no wonder that the alternative name for them is ‘day bed’.

These are just two brief examples of contemporary updates of historic pieces of furniture. Of course, if you’re into retro, we stock that too, as well as up-to-the-minute modern designer items to really show off that part of your personality when it comes to furnishing your home. If you can’t make up your mind or need advice on matching sets or colour ideas, then contact us and we’ll be happy to help you make your home part of your own mini history.

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