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Remain Unique With Contemporary Office Furniture

Can true style ever be bought? It can, but depending on the environment this style is being placed into, it might not turn out the way you planned. At Pash Classics, we seek to provide you with the modern designs that can really make your office work, but only if you give proper consideration to the room you are trying to create. It is often not enough these days to simply kit out an office in the standard fare of office furniture, particularly not if you are a design agency looking to promote a sense of modern flexibility and creativity. This is where our surprisingly affordable designer office furniture comes in. Much of it will be made to order, so you can be confident that the products you buy are of a high build quality and have a level of individuality and uniqueness to them that can really carry your brand.

Eames Office Chairs make up our collection simply because they have such a distinctive look and sense of style. Perhaps the most iconic of all the ranges is the Eames Aluminum Group which includes the EA117 Mesh Office Chair with low back is a beautifully realised reproduction, sporting a polish aluminium base with a height adjustable bar. The seat also has a tilt motion and solid castors which make it great for skirting across the office or rapidly moving the chair out of the way. Built for comfort as well as encouraging a positive posture, the Eames ticks all the boxes when it comes to impressions. All you have to do is imagine yourself in the seat. Chairs like this are equally well deployed in modern office facilities and traditional or heritage office buildings, where perhaps there is open brickwork or paved floors.

If you are looking for some funky office furniture that also has an innate sense of style, then the Coconut Chair inspired by George Nelson is a great choice. Chairs like this are perfect for breakout and relaxation areas, as well as meeting areas and receptions. It has a classic 1950s look (it was designed in 1955) and can add class to any office space, literally inviting all to sit in it. Because of its look, it is perhaps best deployed in more urban settings simply because of what it communicates, but we’re sure it will sit happily in any area. The Coconut Chair is minimalism used to its fullest, with this stark look that is seated on an fibreglass-reinforced white exterior shell which itself sits on a chrome steel base. The chair feels remarkably solid, yet light, and is available in a wide variety of colours that complement the fine Italian leather.

For the executives looking for stylish contemporary office furniture, we have the Executive Office Chair inspired by Eames. The ES104 makes use of gloriously padded leather upholstery that simply communicates quality. The fine leather is complemented by the aluminium metal work that will give a counterpoint to whichever colour you choose, from stark red to classic black, distinguished ivory, smooth cream or mature tan brown.

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