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Scandi Series 7 Chair in Home Office

Scandimania Style British TV is full of Scandinavian noir series at the moment. The Bridge, a Swedish-Danish cop show has just finished. The Killing, with its eponymous hero Sarah Lund, led to a flurry of media articles about Danish knitwear and a rather lack lustre American remake.

These settle alongside the older Wallander cop shows, the original Swedish and the British remake starring Kenneth Branagh. To highlight the quality of Scandinavian drama, a series about Danish coalition politics, Borgen, was another surprise British TV hit. The only way the British could make a similar programme would be as farce, along the lines of the The Thick of It.

All these series tap into a broader British curiosity about Scandinavia. Ever since the 1960s Sweden in particular has been perceived as some kind of haven of progressive attitudes and social policy. The Swedes tend to be better looking, better paid, have a better standard of living, and probably a better sex life – or so we all thought.

What also marks Scandinavia out is the quality of its design. Ikea has transformed the interior of British houses, from bookcases to kitchen cabinets. Scandinavian design minimalism has contrasted favourably with the traditional monumentalism of British interior design.

Typical of this Scandinavian style is the Arne Jacobsen inspired Egg Chair. Originally designed for the Raddisson Hotel in Copenhagen over 50 years ago, it remains an example iconic contemporary furniture design. Available from Pash Classics for only £559, with Free UK Delivery, this rather funky chair not only looks cool but is also great for reading and getting some quality me time. Available in wool, cashmere and Italian leather, and a wide range of colours.

Another contemporary design classic from Arne Jacobsen is his Swan chair, designed in 1958, it still retains its cool while being both functional and comfortable. Available in leather, wool, cashmere and PU, this Swan chair  by Arne Jacobsen is only £349, with free UK delivery.

If you are a looking for some cool Scandinavian furniture for the kitchen, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Dining chair is a good choice. Saarinen was a Finnish American designer, and his Tulip chair is a timeless classic of form and function providing comfort and style. Only £139, with free UK delivery, it is made of glossy fibreglass with a fabric cushion.

Finally, for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation in your lounge, Børge Mogensen’s sofa and and matching armchair offer all of the quality and simple design you’d expect from great Scandinavian design. Upholstered in full grain Italian leather and designed to work in any style of interior, this is a sofa that is built to last.

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