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Creative Working Light For Offices

Creativity doesn’t have to stop just because you are decorating your home office, on the contrary, it can be a fantastic opportunity to invest in some highly unique items. At Pash Classics, we have beautifully designed modern floor lamps that will add a new twist to an office, as well as being completely functional. Our Arco Floor Lamp was heavily inspired by Achille Castiglioni who was a renowned Italian industrial designer. He made use of everyday materials to create minimalistic forms that were stark in appearance and naturally drew your eyes towards them. Artistic designs like this can make a home office a more inviting place to work in, though obviously you can use a lamp like this just about anywhere you wish. The neck of the lamp is made from brushed chrome and is extendable so it can be articulated over your work space. The directional light will also protect your eyes, reducing the amount of fatigue that you might feel when working late. Steadying the lamp is a marble base which is available in black or white. Lamps like this are a testament to both form and function and they can sit very comfortably into any office environment, though its artful design may make you wish everything else in the room was as classy.

Modern table lamps are that can be placed anywhere should have their environment at the heart of their design too. Our Nesso Table Lamp inspired by Giancarlo Mattioli is designed in such a way that it increases the ambient lighting very naturally and warmly. This is not an easy feat, given that many lights do not diffuse light particularly well and tend to over-amplify one area of a room. Giancarlo Mattioli created many of his most recognisable designs in the 60s, but unlike much of what was created in that era, his designs have stood the test of time and are now collectors items. They can bring art to the very lighting that you use to light your room, and while the design isn’t as garish as some 60s offerings, the Nesso lamp is unmistakably from that era. Having cultural references like this is a great way to introduce style that many will be able to understand to a place in your home or office. These lamps, along with the Arco Floor Lamp above, are a great combination when you are buying accessories to go with your designer office furniture. With directional light from the floor lamp and ambient light from this, you have all of the light necessary for a very habitable working environment.

Our final lamp is the Snowball Light inspired by Poul Henningsen. He is a Danish author, architect and critic who had an amazing flair for the unique. This can be seen in this light which can only be appreciated when it is fully lit. It handles light beautifully around its geometric designs and makes the light a work of art in itself. It is a smaller version of that found in the Adventist Church in Skodsborg.

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