Our Favourite Interior Design Colour Schemes For Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited! Twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, festive decorations all around, the smell of toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and freshly baked gingerbread cookies….we can already feel them all!

But what about your home interior design? If you want to decorate your house this Christmas with something other than red and green, you are in the right place.

In this blog, we will share our top 7 interior design colour schemes for Christmas to elevate your holidays so that you, your friends and your family will love it.

What is a Christmas colour scheme in interior design?

Christmas is the perfect time to get creative and show off your fine decorating skills. 

We all know and love the cheerful colours of the festive season, however, red and green are still one of the most popular Christmas colour schemes to decorate your home. This classic and beloved combination has endured through the years, originating from the ancient Celtic celebrations around the holly plant. 

But there are plenty of other beautiful and festive colour schemes for Christmas that you can choose from, so let’s dive into this article for a rainbow of inspiration! 

Our top 7 colour schemes for Christmas to inspire you

This year, Christmas decoration colour schemes cue traditional and contemporary influences, creating a harmonious blend of warmth, style, and seasonal charm. 

So, let’s unwrap our top 7 interior design colour schemes for Christmas and bring the spirit of the holidays into your home!

Red & Green – the all-time favourite


Some traditions always stay in style, and the classic red and green colour scheme is a perfect example! This timeless combination evokes a sense of nostalgia and joy, instantly transforming any space into a winter wonderland. 

Consider incorporating rich reds, deep greens, and even touches of gold for an opulent and festive atmosphere. From throw pillows, wreaths and table settings to curvaceous armchairs, the possibilities are endless with this enduring palette.

White & Gold – magical and elegant


Decorating your house in white and gold for Christmas can create a luxurious and elegant ambience. For example, you can decorate the tree with a mix of gold baubles, ornaments, and ribbons whilst adding white or gold lights to create a warm and inviting glow.

You can also use white and gold garlands to decorate stair railings, mantels, and entryways. And to add a magical touch to it all, intertwine fairy lights between the garlands. To spruce up your living room, add some white and gold accent pillows and throws and layer the pillows in different sizes and textures to add depth and interest to your seating areas. 

Remember, the key to a cohesive look is to balance white and gold elements while incorporating different textures and finishes. Whether you prefer a more minimalist or opulent style, these ideas can help you create a white and gold Christmas wonderland in your home!

Silver & Gold – a nice balance between cool and warm tones


A silver and gold colour palette in interior design exudes sophistication, elegance, and luxury. This combination of metallic tones creates a harmonious and abundant atmosphere, making it a popular choice for those seeking a glamorous and timeless look during the festive season. 

Incorporate furniture with gold finishes, such as coffee tables, side tables, or gold-accented chairs. Choose pieces that have clean lines and elegant shapes to enhance the overall sense of sophistication. You can also sprinkle your living room with decorative accents like silver and gold vases, candle holders, and sculptures. 

A silver and gold colour palette is a timeless choice that can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space. This luxurious combination creates a visually striking and inviting atmosphere, making it well-suited for various design styles, from classic to contemporary.

Sage Green & Cream – for a scandi-inspired aesthetic


Another one of the most popular Christmas colour scheme ideas is sage green and cream. Decorating with this beautiful duo for Christmas creates a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. This colour combination can truly bring a sense of natural beauty and warmth to your space.

You can decorate the tree with cream-coloured ornaments, ribbons, and twinkling lights whilst adding sage green and cream-coloured garlands for a cohesive look. We love garlands made of eucalyptus or pine in a natural green hue, as they can be intertwined with cream-coloured accents and draped along stair railings, mantels, or entryways.

Scatter sage green and cream-coloured decorative items throughout your home, such as candles, figurines, or bowls filled with ornaments in these colours. You can also incorporate natural elements like pinecones, twigs, or small wreaths for a touch of rustic charm. Handmade ornaments or DIY crafts in sage green and cream colours are increasing in popularity, like custom name tags for stockings or hand-painted ornaments, which could be a great activity with the little ones! This colour palette evokes a sense of tranquillity and sophistication, making it perfect for a calm and inviting Christmas celebration.

Blue & White – for a tranquil atmosphere


Decorating with blue and white for Christmas creates a classic and serene winter wonderland. This timeless colour combination can evoke a sense of calm and elegance while maintaining a festive atmosphere. 

To create a beautiful and inviting Christmas, you can start with a blue or flocked Christmas tree as your focal point. Decorate it with white and blue ornaments, lights, and garlands, and consider adding silver or metallic accents for a touch of sparkle. You can also set a crisp, elegant table with white tablecloths or placemats, white dinnerware, glassware, and napkins for a coordinated look. And why not swap your dining chairs for gorgeous ocean-coloured dining armchairs or dining side chairs to complement your dining table?

Remember to always balance using blue and white elements throughout your space to create a cohesive and visually appealing look. This classic colour palette can bring a sense of sophistication and tranquillity to your Christmas decorations while still capturing the season’s magic!

Dusky Pinks – a softer alternative to red


Decorating with dusty pinks for Christmas brings a soft and elegant touch to your holiday decor. This romantic colour can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a hint of whimsy!

Hang dusty pink wreaths on your front door or throughout your home, and add touches of greenery, white accents, or metallic elements for contrast. You can also use garlands made of dusty pink ribbons, faux flowers, or soft fabrics to decorate stair railings, mantels, or entryways. Introduce dusty pink throw pillows on sofas and chairs, and look for textures like velvet or faux fur to add a touch of luxury. Also, draping cosy blankets in dusty pink or neutral tones over furniture can create a warm and inviting ambience. One of our favourite pink furniture elements at Pash Classics that children love is our pink Elephant chair, a bright and playful way to introduce your child to the design world! 

The key is to balance dusty pink elements with neutral tones and complementary metallics to create a harmonious and visually appealing Christmas decor. This colour palette can bring a touch of romance and warmth to your holiday celebrations filled with festive spirit for you and your family to enjoy.

Pastels – for a playful winter wonderland feeling


Decorating with pastels for Christmas brings a soft, whimsical, and charming touch to your holiday decor. Pastel colours such as mint green, soft pink, baby blue, and lavender can create a unique and delightful atmosphere. 

Scatter pastel-coloured decorative items throughout your home, such as candles, figurines, or bowls filled with ornaments in these colours. You can also incorporate metallic or white elements like gold or silver candle holders, vases, or ornaments to add a touch of sophistication. Hang artwork or framed prints incorporating pastel tones and consider seasonal artwork, such as winter landscapes or pastel-coloured illustrations. Alternatively, decorate the walls with wreath arrangements or framed mirrors with pastel-coloured frames for a touch of colour. 

And if you want to get creative, add personalised touches by incorporating handmade ornaments or DIY crafts in pastel colours. This can include custom name tags for stockings, hand-painted ornaments, or personalised garlands.

Final Thoughts

Christmas colour schemes are getting broader and more varied as people get braver with their choices, and this year, the theme is colour, colour and more colour to celebrate the festive season!

In conclusion, this year’s top interior design colour schemes for Christmas offer a delightful array of options to suit every taste and style. Whether you opt for the timeless appeal of classic red and green, the modern sophistication of neutrals, the cool serenity of frosty blues and white, or the romantic charm of dusty pinks, infusing your home with these festive colours will undoubtedly create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the holiday season. 

So, let the decorating begin, and may your home be filled with joy and the spirit of Christmas!

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