The History of Pash Classics

When the most iconic and loved by all mid-century modern furniture designers created their masterpieces, they intended to make great furniture design accessible to the masses. 

Seven decades later, their beloved designs became adored worldwide, but the excessive price tags were too great for many. This was the very paradox that gave us the idea to bring Pash Classics to life.

The Start Of Pash Classics

Jacobsen Style Egg Chair in White Wool and Gray Style E1027 Side Table.

Rewind to 2007 when Aaran’s wife wanted a designer Ball Chair, a statement piece of furniture that would take centre stage in her living room. But with a price tag of £5,000, questions started forming in Aaran’s head. 

How and why is this chair £5,000? As an engineer by trade, his first thought was that maybe the manufacturing process was so complex and difficult that it commanded this astronomical figure.

So he started researching the manufacturing process and found it wasn’t that complicated! He wondered if it could be more cost-effective to have one made. More research followed, and although the journey was far from easy, with lots of dead ends and wrong turns, it eventually reached the light. Through an old friend, Aaran found a trustworthy manufacturing partner, however, there was one catch – he couldn’t buy just one chair, he had to buy 20. 

Aaran pitched a business idea to his friend Paul, figuring if he were looking for fairly-priced iconic furniture, other people would be too. One order of ball chairs later, and Pash (an amalgamation of their initials) was born.

With shared backgrounds as engineers, Paul and Aaran have always had a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process. From extensive factory tours to stringent quality control processes, they’ve worked tirelessly to ensure only the finest products make it into the Pash Classics collections. This has guaranteed that all their furniture was being built to the highest standards since day one. 

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Over 12 Years Of Trading Later

Now Pash Classics offers a full reproduction of mid-century Bauhaus furniture with the same unrivalled quality expected from the world’s most famous furniture designers. Alongside reproduction classics, Pash Classics also uses its platform to showcase the work of new furniture designers and British craftspeople. 

The Heart of Pash

Kjærholm Style PK22 Chair. From Pash Classics

At the heart of the business is a pledge to put the customer’s needs and wands at the fore and make the buying experience a pleasure from start to finish. As an independent business, every customer, big or small, can expect the same level of service, regardless of their expenditure, whilst being confident that they’ll receive high-quality products. 

From Mid-Century Dining Chairs (Paul’s favourite) to Minimal Danish Leather Chairs (Aaran’s pick), Pash Classics is doing what the iconic mid-century designers set out to do since the beginning of time – making great furniture design accessible to all!

If you want to find out more, check out our About Pash Classics page and our Pash Classics reviews on Trustpilot.

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