Dine In Style With Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

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The dining room is highly associated with socialising and enjoying our family and friends’ company. You will therefore spend a lot of time in this room, and designing it to your satisfaction will only enhance the dining experience you and your guests will have.

In this article, we’ve selected a range of iconic products to discuss so you can dine in style with our contemporary dining room furniture.

Why Choose Our Contemporary Dining Room Furniture?

At Pash Classics, we stock many unique and innovative contemporary furniture pieces that fit any modern home room. Our extensive collection of dining chairs and dining tables is inspired by iconic furniture designers renowned for their recognisable and interesting creations.

Whether you’re looking for sleek and neutral modern dining chairs or a comprehensive and statement-making dining table and chairs set, our Pash Classics website has the perfect furniture you’ve been looking for! There you’ll find a beautifully designed selection of side chairs, armchairs and bar stools in white, transparent, black and many other colours, all made using the highest quality materials for an intriguing piece of furniture that will last.

Regarding our dining tables, you can access a huge range of tulip tables and iconic tables. These versatile creations look perfect with any of our dining chairs and will suit virtually any of the interior design styles, so you can take advantage of this versatility whenever you decide to update your dining room.

And now, let’s take a closer look into some of our favourite modern contemporary dining room furniture pieces. 

The Dining Room Chair Inspired By Swedish Design


The dining area in this all-white Swedish apartment is decorated beautifully. The large windows allow lots of natural light in, which makes the space appear larger than it is.

By adding different chairs around the dining table, the owners have created a very personal look. They’ve mixed different styles and shapes of dining chairs and have chosen white, black and wood to match the rest of the decor. It all looks perfectly natural and inviting!

However, our eyes are set on our two black designer dining room chairs.

This incredibly simple contemporary furniture design managed to transcend fashions and fads, to become a staple of interior design across the globe. This is primarily thanks to the chair’s organically shaped jointless seat top, created from pressure-moulded wood and finished in various colours to suit any interior. To support the chair, its designer used chromed steel to create extremely thin and weightless legs, which enforce the chair’s minimal aesthetic. Because we believe that great design should always be made accessible to all, we offer these stylish dining chair replicas at highly affordable prices, which include free UK mainland delivery for a range of classic colours.

The Tulip Chair

Eero Saarinen Black Tulip Table & Chairs

Perhaps the most strikingly beautiful of all our dining chairs is the range of Tulip Chairs replicas. Somehow both space age and essentially organic, they’re among the most instantly recognisable of 20th-century furniture icons and make a striking design statement.

The Tulip Chairs and the corresponding pedestal Tulip Tables, designed in the 1950s, represent the peak of their designer’s career in which these lasting icons of mid-century furniture were brought to the forefront. 

The designer’s ability to blend colour, form and materials was remarkable! The Tulip Chair from his pedestal collection reflects this ability in this timeless classic.

At Pash Classics, you can choose cushions, and there are seven colours to choose from. These chairs look fantastic in any dining room, whether you’d like to have a mix of chairs or for them to be all the same.

Other Classic Contemporary Dining Room Furniture Pieces


A good meal is not just about the food, but many other elements, and an essential one is your surroundings. And that includes the dining table and chairs where you and your guests sit!

At Pash, we believe that good furniture design enhances everyday life, and this is as true in the dining room as anywhere else in the home. That is why we offer a carefully chosen selection of iconic contemporary dining room furniture pieces, from the most minimalistic to the more playful ones.

A recent addition to our dining room furniture collection is the French bistro-chich range, the Tolix Chairs. Dating back as far as 1934, these were designed to be hardwearing seating for cafes and restaurants, where their vibrant colours and utilitarian chic is sure to make an impact.

Another everyday classic is the dining armchair, the world’s first mass-produced plastic chair from 1948. This makes an excellent dining seating choice available in various variations and finishes.

And last but not least, for a warm yet minimal mid-century touch, we recommend the Black & Walnut Dining Armchair or the White & Walnut Dining Armchair.

Final Thoughts

If you select any of these contemporary dining room furniture designs for your dining room, we’re confident that you’ll be able to create surroundings in which a meal will never be just about food ever again but a truly enjoyable event!

If you’re looking for modern dining room furniture designed to impact your decor rather than your wallet, Pash Classics is your go-to place!

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