Your Guide To The Iconic Mid-Century Coffee Table Replica

Noguchi Coffee Table

As much a piece of sculptural art as functional furniture, the Iconic Mid-Century Coffee Table Replica is one of the midcentury’s most admired designs. In fact, it is so well celebrated that a Herman Miller version costs over £1400! 

Whilst that might not seem like much for something that is considered a piece of art, it certainly goes against the mid-Century philosophy of great design being accessible to all. Lucky for those of us who appreciate this inspirational table, the Pash Classics replica is available for a fraction of the price! 

This guide will offer you all of the information you ever wanted to know about this exquisite mid-century coffee table.

Its Designer Is More Than A Furniture Designer

Isamu Noguchi

Born in 1904 in Los Angeles to Japanese descent, the designer of the iconic mid-century coffee table would go on to be widely respected in the sculpture, landscape architecture and set design fields over his six-decade-long career. He would also collaborate on a book with other famous designers to produce what is widely considered to be history’s most influential body of modern furniture, featuring his iconic coffee table.

His much-respected career began at the age of 8 when his mother had a house built for them and his sister in Yokohama. Nurturing his artistic ability, she appointed the young designer to be in charge of the garden and apprenticed him to a local carpenter.

Six years later, he moved back to the US, where he expressed his true desire to become an artist. From here, he apprenticed with Mount Rushmore creator Gutzon Borglum and went on to take night classes at the Leonardo da Vinci Art School. The school’s head soon noticed his talents with his first exhibit, a collection of plaster and terracotta works, held only 3 months later.

With his career now built on strong foundations, the aspirational artist spent the following years travelling to and selling sculptural busts from Paris, Asia and New York. He even volunteered as a carpenter at the Japanese Internment Camps during World War 2, where he designed baseball fields, swimming pools and cemeteries.

Sculpture Park By Isamu Noguchi

The increased acceptance of Japanese Americans posts WW2 allowed him to continue his career, designing in various mediums. His most notable works include Moerenuma Park in Sapporo, Japan, and the gardens for the IBM headquarters and Bayfront Park in Miami. He also designed stage sets for modern dancer Martha Graham and several mass-produced lamps and furniture pieces.

About The Iconic Mid-Century Coffee Table Replica


With an impressive life that has contributed significantly to the world of architecture and design, it only seems right that here at Pash Classics, we do justice to one of the most recognisable designs in the history of mid-century modern furniture

That’s why we’ve kept as close to the original design as possible and ensured each piece is built to the high standards for our customers. 

So let’s have a look at this beautiful and unique piece of mid-century furniture

  • The table top is created from 19mm thick tempered glass for maximum structural support and strength
  • There are two sculptural pieces of solid wood for the iconic base, and you can choose from real wood veneers in oak, walnut or ebony black
  • A metal anchor pin joins the two base pieces together and ensures maximum stability
  • In keeping with the original seamless design, the tempered glass top is not fastened to the base, but instead, the glass’ own weight secures these pieces together 
  • Each table comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee against faults as standard
  • We offer free UK mainland delivery on every order

Are you looking for inspiration?

Sometimes it’s hard to visualise how these classic mid-century coffee tables could work in your home. That’s why we’ve created a Pinterest Board showcasing the best interiors featuring the iconic mid-century coffee table replica!

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