10 Things We’ve Learnt About Working From Home

Home office set up featuring our EA217 Office Chair

After such a long period of working from home, we’ve now fully embraced this new norm and have supported workers with valuable advice and office furniture to help them work more flexibly from the comfort of their own homes. 

Whether you’re using a dedicated office space or repurposing your dining tables or living rooms during working hours to convert them into your modern workspace, we thought to share our favourite pieces of advice so you can create the working environment of your dreams! 

The Positives Of Working From Home

We know that for some people, the transition from working from the office to home was quite daunting at first, as we are used to the notion that when we walk out of the office, we can switch off from work. However, switching off and relaxing can be slightly more challenging when working from home.

But we always say that it’s best to try and look on the bright side of all situations, as there are a lot of benefits to working from home!

First, working from home can offer a better work-life balance, remove the hassle of commuting and potentially (one of the best reasons) provide the ability to create your office space exactly as you wish. Using your preferences and decisions in creating your workspace, you can make it much more productive, stimulating, and pleasant to spend most of your day in.

So now, let’s look at the top 10 things we’ve learnt from working at home to give you the much-needed inspiration to enhance your office space and working environment!

1. Create A Morning Routine


It can be very easy to slip into a habit of waking up just before you start work when you don’t need to get ready and commute into the office. But this can leave your morning feeling rushed and unproductive.

Just because your work routine may have changed doesn’t mean you don’t need to create a good work routine. This could mean taking the time to eat a healthy breakfast at the table, go for a morning stroll or run, do some meditation or yoga, or just give yourself plenty of time to get ready for your working day. If you are transforming your living or dining spaces into work areas, clear everything away at the end of the day to help you forget about work. A simple routine can help you feel ready for the day ahead and keep you focused.

Also, start each day or week by understanding what you must achieve for the working days ahead. This will help you set daily and weekly tasks. Being organised and understanding what you need to be doing can help you focus and be productive as you know what goals you are working towards. This could greatly help, especially if you are getting easily distracted by what’s happening around you. 

One thing we have enjoyed the most about working from home is being able to sleep in due to not having to commute from home to work. However, this can easily slip into late nights and struggling to wake in the morning. Treat your working days like you are still going into the office, get a decent amount of sleep, shower, and get ready in the morning, so you feel prepared for the day.

When you’ve finished work, you need to try and forget about work as by doing so you will feel more refreshed and thus you’ll be far away from burning yourself out. Also, by clearing all your work areas, you can stop all the work reminders around you constantly and instead allow yourself to switch off your mind and enjoy your leisure time. 

2. Head Out After Work

One of the things that you don’t realise you will miss once you start working from home is the satisfaction of walking in from a day at the office and feeling that ‘finally being at home so I can relax” feeling. 

This was one of the things we unexpectedly missed the most. But you can give yourself that same feeling by taking the time to get out of the house after you’ve finished work, even if it’s just for a short walk. Then when you walk through the door, you can relax knowing that you don’t have to worry about work anymore that day. This helps to create a divide between your working time and your time. 

3. Take A Proper Lunch Break

Getting caught up in your work can be easy, especially when working from home. It is important to take your lunch breaks to give yourself time in the day to relax and recharge for a potentially busy afternoon. 

When working from home, you can enjoy more perks like finding a new series to enjoy that fits your lunch break or taking the time to try new lunch dishes or even heading out for a walk to get some fresh air. Make the most of the many perks of working from home, but try to also give yourself some structure as if you were still in the office – balance is key!

4. Make The Most Of What You Have


We are often made to feel like our workspace should be plain and boring to make us perform more productively without any distractions. We don’t believe this statement is true, as we all perform well under different environments, whether that is surrounded by colourful or plain white walls. 

Whether you want your home office desk to have accessories and photos or just the necessities, that is another great benefit of working from home, as you can design your home office exactly as you wish!

Find a space that doesn’t have too many environmental distractions, as a good workspace needs to be functional before anything else. It may seem like a nicer idea to work on the sofa, but a dining table or counter can be much more useful when it comes to working productively. Also, if you have a less busy afternoon, then you can take your laptop with you onto a comfy lounge chair, sofa, or even outside into the garden to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes working from a more relaxed environment is a great solution when trying to find ways how to be happier at home!

5. Buy Good Quality Office Furniture


The most important piece for your workspace is an ergonomically designed office chair. At Pash Classics, we offer a timeless range of ergonomically designed office chairs inspired by famous mid-century designers! 

Other important pieces for your home office include storage to keep your space tidy and a desk worktop to place all the necessary items. 

Our ES104, EA217 & EA117 Office Chairs

As the updated variations of the classic designs, our Office Chairs borrow the trusted and beloved design but with a sleeker and more sophisticated frame. The look of the black powder-coated aluminium frame is tailored to complement contemporary and modern office interiors. 

6. Follow Ergonomic Rules

Eames EA119 Office Chair in Black Leather

Many studies have been undertaken to ensure that working at your desk all day doesn’t affect your health. These are tested procedures that you should put in place, such as:

  • Have the top of your computer screen at eye level. This is so that when you read down the screen, your eyelids will naturally close slightly, which will moisten and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Find a chair where your feet can rest firmly or something placed on the floor, such as a thick catalogue.
  • Use a chair that supports your posture to sit comfortably without hurting your back.

We have worked to put together a range of trusted office chairs and ergonomically designed dining chairs that are the ideal alternative at an affordable price. 

7. Embrace Natural Light

Eames EA217 Office Chairs in Home Workspaces

Try and set up your new workspace with a good amount of natural light. As well as providing the benefits of a well-lit workspace, it also benefits your mental health as it will make you feel happier. Moreover, taking advantage of plenty of natural light will also help you sleep better at night – it’s a win-win! 

8. Incorporate Plants In Your Home Office

Have you ever heard about Biophilic Interior Design? Studies have shown that natural interiors can significantly enhance our creativity, productivity, and learning, which is why the interior biophilic design movement is now being applied to more workspaces.

Indoor greenery can do more than just look stylish. It can make you feel good mentally and physically, as having plants in your home can greatly reduce stress and fatigue, which are important elements when it comes to creating a home office where you can thrive!

9. Add Some Home Comforts To Make You Smile


Once you feel your workspace setup is complete, you can add personal touches, from photos of family and friends to your favourite cushions and accessories. 

Find something that reminds you to smile so that when you’ll be working from home, you’ll feel happier and more joyful! Incorporating cushions, blankets and tactile elements can help your work environment feel warmer and more settled.

10. Make Your Day More Than Just Work

Working out of the office isn’t just the absence of commuting and a different environment, it can be the lack of social interaction with others when you aren’t working face to face. Make time for socialising in the day with colleagues. Talk about work and check up on one another, as times like this can be found to be lonely.

Along with socialising, take breaks in the day for yourself. In the office, you wouldn’t be working the full day, so give yourself a break from your desk. A minute outside, stretching, or deep breathing will be beneficial and help you be more productive and focused whilst working from home.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these insights will help you when trying to do any adjustments to your work and home life. Along with being productive, always ensure you take care of yourself and those around you first! 

You’ll soon find that you are much more creative when you’ve actually taken care of yourself!

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