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How To Be Happier At Home


Happiness is quite difficult to put your finger on, as it’s a combination of your overall satisfaction with life and your feelings about your current state. However, one of the best ways to cultivate a happy life is to create a happy home! 

Especially as in the last few years we’ve been spending more time at home than ever, we should all try to create a haven where we can retreat daily for restoration and relaxation. In this blog, we’re sharing our top recommendations on how to be happier at home by creating a true oasis that promotes daily satisfaction and moments of joy, which are key to pursuing a happy and peaceful life.

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is a concept hard to define, as each individual will have different values that define it. However, simply put, it’s when worries and troubles aren’t present, and you do what feels good to you, no matter what others are doing or thinking. Happiness is connected to your wider well-being, so creating happier homes begins with you!

Decorate Your Home In A Way That You’ll Love


Saarinen Style Tulip Tables

Trends and interior styles dictate how many of us design our homes, but the important part is how you would like them to look. Consider that you see your home every day, more than anyone else, so making it look and feel exactly how you want instead of what others say or do is key. 

Always stay true to your own interior design style by using your favourite colours, artwork, textures, and patterns, and make what you love prominent in your home. Also, sentimental items should be placed where you often see them so that when you do, they will strike an emotion!

Ignore The Pressure Of Your Home Being Perfect

When looking for ways how to make your home a happier place, social media is a great place to share photos of things you’re happy and proud of, but don’t ever let them dictate how you feel about your home!

Channels like Instagram and Facebook always show the best side of any individual’s reality, however, by accepting your home and loving it for how it is, you’ll feel happier spending time in it.

Does It Provide A Purpose Or Joy?

This can be a great question when buying something new or having a clearout. Clutter has been found to make you feel more stressed and anxious, and the pieces you want to be more noticeable in your home can get lost if there’s too much stuff that doesn’t benefit you. Also, if you’re wondering if your home interior design is impacting your well-being, the answer is yes, and it can go both ways – positively or negatively. 

If you only have the time or energy to do one household task during the day, you should make your bed! Many studies have found that people who complete this task daily are much happier and more successful throughout their day.

Going back to the negative impact of clutter, trying your best to keep your home looking tidy has been proven to make you feel calmer. Therefore, when you’re feeling peaceful, you can feel more satisfied when relaxing in your home.

So, spending time at home can be a great time to do jobs like decluttering, redecorating rooms, and ensuring you love your beautiful home. If you want to truly transform your home, our range of must-haves mid-century furniture is a great way to discover our team’s and customers’ favourite timeless designs.

Find Your Favourite Spot

Your favourite spot in your home is the place where you usually find yourself gravitating towards, whether it be because you have the comfiest lounge chair in the house next to your favourite piece of art or because it provides the best view from the window or it’s next to the fire where you love to enjoy the colder evenings. And because you love this place so much, we encourage you to make a conscious effort to spend more time there every day. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, your favourite spot can be a great place to disconnect, relax, and do whatever makes you happy. If you want more tips on how you could enhance your home, you can read our blog on Modern Interior Design Ideas: How To Spend Time Uplifting Your Home.

Stay In Touch

Keep in contact with friends and family as often as you can. Texts and instant messaging are great, but as humans are social beings, a phone call to a loved one can make you feel much better, even if you don’t think it will. You can also try various ways of communicating, such as spending time writing letters or cards, as this can be a nice change if you aren’t up for video calls or messages.

Also, stay in touch with yourself, especially as we’re all used to getting lost in the madness of everyday life. Take a moment for yourself in a quiet corner of your house and focus on your breathing, try to clear your mind as much as possible, breathe, and just relax. Another great trick for how to be happier at home is journaling! Yes, you heard that right. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your favourite chair, holding a warm cup of tea, and writing your feelings and thoughts down on paper.  

Also, as a society, we need to remember that it’s okay to experience negative emotions from time to time. They are a natural part of life, and instead of making ourselves busy, we need to make a conscious effort to make ourselves happy!

If you’re struggling with your mental health, the following charities can offer support:

Buy Things That Make You Feel Happier At Home


This can range from small purchases, games, or renting movies to big purchases like an exercise bike or a new accent armchair. Trying to cultivate exciting experiences at home is a great way to spend your money! 

For some people, accessories can make a big difference to their mood and the way they feel at home, whilst others love to spend a little bit more on their interior colour palettes. Also, in case you missed it, we have an excellent blog on How To Create A Hygge Home that we think you’ll love reading next.

Try To Keep A Healthy Routine

If you are off work or working from home, it is very important to keep a healthy routine. Try to go to bed and get up at similar times every day whilst ensuring you get plenty of restful sleep (seven to nine hours is the recommended amount). Also, make time for exercise, as this will help to boost your serotonin levels and overall well-being.

If you’re looking for tips on creating a productive work environment, read our blog on How To Adjust To The Redefined Idea Of Working From Home so you can adjust to the new norm of remote work.

Ventilate The House

We know that, especially during the winter, it is less appealing to spend time outdoors. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to go outside, open your windows for 10-15 minutes each day to help ventilate some fresh and unpolluted air into your home. 

Also, always keep your blinds and curtains open during the daytime to let in natural light, as this has been proven to uplift your mood and improve general well-being by increasing serotonin levels.

Pick Up Old Or New Hobbies

Spending time at home can be a great way to start something new, such as learning a new language or picking up a new hobby. For example, reading a book or completing puzzles and quizzes are easy ways to keep your mind active, which will help you sleep better at night!

An Interior Design That’s Proven To Have Positive Impacts


One interior design style that has been proven time and time again to benefit your well-being is Biophilic Interior Design, a style that invites nature into indoor spaces. 

Biophilia is an innate biological connection with nature, and it helps to explain why people find elements like crackling fires, crashing waves, and garden views so captivating and relaxing to watch.

The biophilic design encourages the use of natural materials and organic forms in your home, which is the reason why Biomorphic aesthetics have inspired some of our beloved designers and their work of art, such as the Iconic Coffee Tables.

Keep in mind that there’s no literal way to introduce nature in your home without incorporating plants, and the benefits of this are endless, starting with lowered stress and an improvement in mood.

Final Thoughts

Which tips on how to be happier at home will you try today? 

Remember – creating a happier home is just a few changes away, and as someone once said, “home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”. And nothing better than knowing that whatever happens during the day, you have a happy home to go to at night. 

It is true that our homes are an extension of who we are: what we do within the walls of our abodes shapes our mood, affects our productivity and influences our outlook on life – so try to stay uplifted, positive, and true to yourself, no matter what!

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