Halloween Home Decor Ideas To Match The Spooky Season


The weather is starting to cool, the cosy vibes are settling in, and we are all starting to spend more time indoors, so what better way to welcome in the autumn season than by planning your Halloween home decorations?

In this blog, we will share our top 5 Halloween home decor ideas to transform your living spaces for the spooky season while creating a festive feeling!

When To Start Decorating For Halloween?

When decorating your house for Halloween, setting a slightly sinister yet festive and cheerful tone with class is adulting at its finest! However, to achieve that, you’ll want to take some time and make a plan, as you want to create something that looks like it was thought out and not just thrown together.

You’ll want to start decorating as early as the end of September to get a head start, however, if you’re keeping it simple yet chic this Halloween, you can put up your decorations in mid-October. There is no right or wrong time to start decorating for Halloween, but we like to bust out the cobwebs and pumpkins when the air feels a little cooler and crisper. 

Another great tip for you is to peek at your neighbours when considering the right time to start putting up your Halloween home decor, as that would be a great indication of the best time to start unleashing your “spooky creativity”!

Tasteful Halloween Home Decor Ideas

Whether you’re the type to set up ghost and creepy crawlies decorations or just looking for simple and classy home Halloween decorations, try these tasteful ideas to inspire you!

1. Go Natural 

A very elegant and modern decor idea is to create a beautiful Halloween wreath, ideal for your front door. 

Wreaths can also be hung on the doors and walls throughout your home, bringing beautiful seasonal texture, colour and charm to your interior space. They are naturally homemade and a great way to make your home feel festive, cut down on plastic tinsel decorations, and bring the outdoors inside!

Tip: Try buying ready-made natural frames from your local florist, as they are more fresh and beautiful than the superstore ones.

2. Create A Colour Scheme

One of the most exciting ways to embrace the Halloween spirit is through colour. 

The right colour palette can transform your space into a bewitching haven with a touch of elegance. From classic black and orange to unexpected twists on tradition, colour palettes can offer a myriad of possibilities to conjure the perfect Halloween atmosphere. And this is when you can let your creativity run wild and infuse your home with spooktacular charm!

Our favourite palettes are: 

  • Black & Orange – When it comes to Halloween, the classic combination of black and orange never goes out of style. These two contrasting colours capture the essence of Halloween decorations and the season. They will always be in style timelessly and fascinatingly.
  • Gothic Glamour – Deep purple (or plum) is a regal and mysterious colour associated with the supernatural, which can add a touch of luxury to your Halloween décor. Also, burgundy evokes a sense of romance and gothic elegance, which can pair beautifully with deep purple, black, and other warm shades.
  • Deep Greens – Deep greens are the colour of lush forests and hidden secrets that can enchant your décor. Also, earthy browns complement shades of deep green, evoking the natural palette of a forest floor.

3. Pumpkins

You cannot go wrong with the glorious natural colour palette of pretty pumpkins, beloved by all during autumn. 

You can place them on your front porch or throughout the house and even learn how to paint a pumpkin for a fresh, colourful, contemporary look to complement your interior design style.

You can simply set pumpkins around a fireplace to keep your Halloween home decor subtle. But if you want to create a cute display that can be seen from the outside, placing carved pumpkins at the windows will do the trick! You don’t need to buy a ton of pumpkins for this, but simply arrange a collection around the house and, if you wish, enhance them with gourds, flowers and foliage.

4. Use Lots Of Candles

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a hygge home, there is no better time to decorate your home with plenty of candles!

Candles can effortlessly make your home look cosy and warm, and there are plenty of wonderful scents to choose from, such as pumpkin spice (our favourite), vanilla bean, pumpkin spice latte (loved by all), caramel, sugar cookies, orange chocolate, and so on.

Invest in stylish and enduring candle designs that can be used and enjoyed all year round, and pair them with a beautiful holder if needed. If you’re feeling crafty and creative, why not DIY your own Halloween candles? Creating your candles is very easy, and there are plenty of articles and YouTube videos that you can follow to learn this simple yet fun craft, which can be enjoyed with friends and family around the fireplace whilst sipping on hot cocoa – divine!

5. Refresh Your Furniture

The best news is that decorating your home for Halloween doesn’t have to be a huge drain on your finances. While you can choose to buy a few investment decorations you’ll return to each year, sometimes all you need is some new accent furniture.

For example, having an elegant lounge chair next to your fireplace, with a carved pumpkin and a few scented candles, will set up the perfect space to drink your afternoon cuppa and read your favourite book. For a more spooky look, you can place a Black Leather Armchair in your living room, close to a decorated window, to gaze outdoors, waiting for the trick-or-treaters to arrive. Or even better, why not lie down “Morticia Adams” style on a luxurious Barcelona Daybed and relax after a whole day of Haloween home decorating?

The options are endless, and at Pash Classics, we have something to fit any style, budget and taste all year around!

Final Thoughts

Halloween home decor has come a long way since the simple plastic cauldron and skeleton days. No longer restricted to scaring your guests, autumnal colours and pastel-coloured pumpkins have taken off in a big way.

From elegant seasonal colour palettes to pretty wreaths and candles, we hope our Halloween home decorating ideas will help you create a chic and stylish atmosphere in your home in no time!

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