How To Find The Perfect Reading Chair For Your Lifestyle

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We all deserve “the perfect” chair – the one that everyone fights over, the favourite spot in the house, the place you land to truly relax and unwind after a long day. We have some tips if you’re searching for the perfect reading/relaxing/TV-watching chair! 

In this article, we are sharing our top ways in which you can find the perfect reading chair for your lifestyle. 

Where To Begin Your Quest For Your Perfect Reading Chair

In all of our years of selling to our customers beautifully designed lounge chairs, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a chair worthy of a Netflix binge-watch or reading a book from start to finish. 

Essentially, it comes down to seven things:

1. Light

Adequate light isn’t just about clarifying the pretty words you read. 

Both too much and insufficient light can cause eye strain and headaches, so opt for several light sources if possible. For example, our range of lighting is ideal for providing localised light. Background light from something like wall-mounted contemporary lighting provides an ambient glow.

2. Comfort

Comfort it’s an elementary consideration but an important one nonetheless. 

A cosy reading chair that supports your back and arms is a must! At Pash Classics, we love the bubble chair and our lounge style chairs with ottomans!

3. Surfaces

The best reading chair doesn’t have to stretch to the floor whenever you want your glass of red. 

Having a great piece of contemporary furniture like our designer coffee table means you can keep your wine, phone and maybe even a sneaky bar of leftover chocolate well within your arm’s reach.

4. Tall back

To support your head and neck, we recommend you look for reading chairs that have tall backs. If the back has a slight curve or a wingback design you can rest against, all the better.

5. Comfortable arms

The perfect reading chair will preferably have its arms at just the right height and pitch so you can sit relaxed. Like this, it will be so easy to prop a book (or bowl of popcorn) in your hands!

6. Deep seat

A chair with a deep seat will invite you to lean back and stretch your legs out whilst giving you room to pull your legs up into the chair. 

Note: if you’re tall, this is an especially important feature!

7. An ottoman

Whilst a reading chair can be comfortable without an ottoman, putting your feet up takes your comfort to the next level. 

In our experience, none of our customers has ever had regrets getting an ottoman, they only regret not getting it!

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether you’re following Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes”, Germaine Greer’s “The Whole Woman”, or the latest edition of The Guardian – a great reading chair can be a godsend (even better – a leather reading chair)!

Don’t forget to visit our Clearance & Outlet page on our website for great seasonal bargains and reading furniture that you don’t want to miss out on. 

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