Interior Design Trends: Are You A Minimalist Or A Maximalist?


For 30 years, minimalist interiors have been popular and stylish, but interior designers have started embracing a new style of maximalism.

At Pash Classics, we believe you should choose a style for your home that complements your lifestyle and personality, not just because of the next interior design trend. To help you decide whether to consider embracing the maximalist interior design trends, stick with minimal, or find an in-between that works for you, we’ve created a ‘style quiz’ to help you answer this question.

What Is Minimalist Interior Design?

The minimalist interior design style is defined by a lack of ‘stuff’, which is more accurately defined by a lack of excess clutter. Known as the zen interior design, the minimalist interior style is focused on highlighting select features or decor items whilst keeping colours, silhouettes, and any other visual noise to a minimum.

It’s all about clean lines and simplicity to draw the eye to empty spaces whilst displaying only what is necessary or a few pieces that capture a home’s and its occupants’ essence. 

The philosophy of minimalist interior design is simple – “less is more”- drawing inspiration from modern architecture, mid-century modern design, and Bauhaus architecture. Those who enjoy this aesthetic also embrace the wider ethos of being less concerned with material things and instead making room for the things they care about. 

In our blog post, Interior Styles Through The Decades, you can read more about minimalism and the history of interior design style trends.

What Is Maximalist Interior Design?

The maximalist interior design style is a reaction to the minimalist style movement and is focused on the opposite of minimalistic elements and aspects, which is defined by bigger, brighter, and busier decorating.

Most minimalist enthusiasts are tempted to pair the maximalism style with words such as ‘cluttered’ or ‘messy’, but maximalism is much more sophisticated than that. At its core, this is one of the most adored interior design trends and is all about being bold with your home design choices. This means combining loud and contrasting colours, patterns, and shapes, to achieve an eclectic yet meticulously-curated interior space that exudes luxury and style.

However, like with minimalist interior design, your styling choices and decor must be carefully considered beforehand to achieve a harmonious combination. 

Which Interior Design Style is Right for You?

Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, or in-between, many interior design trends crossover with these concepts, thus allowing you to curate on-trend yet personal interiors that speak to your preferences. 

However, remember that it’s very important to stay true to your own interior design style, no matter the latest interior design trends. And now, let’s get to the fun part! Below, we’ve curated a quiz for you to complete to find out if you are a minimalist or a maximalist. Go through each of these questions, note your answers, and have fun! 

What colours do you like to use in your home?

  1. A neutral-dominated colour palette
  2. Lots of different colours
  3. Somewhere in between, I like large pieces to be neutral, but accessories with colour

Which kind of lifestyle do you enjoy the most?

  1. A slower-paced lifestyle that allows me to take time to relax
  2. A busy lifestyle with always something going on to keep me entertained
  3. Somewhere in between, as I like spending time relaxing but also enjoy being busy

When shopping for your home, how would you describe your shopping decisions?

  1. Well thought through and planned
  2. Very spontaneous
  3. Both, depending on my mood or the item I am purchasing

How does clutter make you feel?

  1. Clutter makes me feel very stressed and anxious, the reason why I have to have plenty of storage to put everything away
  2. I don’t think I feel any different around clutter
  3. There is a point where it becomes too much for me, but I can deal with some

When looking to purchase new furniture, what do you prioritise?

  1. Something simple and functional that I know will stay in fashion
  2. Something that helps to represent my personality and unique style
  3. Something that I love, I can’t really define what that is

How do you feel about layering decor?

  1. I like some layering, but I normally let my furniture stand out
  2. I love being able to add more to make my home feel more unique
  3. I like layering, but I’m not sure how it’s best to do so

Could you stick to one style for your home?

  1. Yes, I find it easier to work with fewer styles, so I know everything works together
  2. No, I like too many different styles to choose one specific one
  3. I don’t really know many styles

How do you feel about photo walls?

  1. I don’t mind photo walls, but I definitely prefer them to be smaller
  2. I love photo feature walls as I think it is a great way to share my personality, and I would use the largest wall for one
  3. I like photo walls as I like having some freedom to add art or photos, but I wouldn’t fill the whole wall

Do you prefer to complement or contrast?

  1. I prefer to complement pieces, as contrasting can become a bit distracting or overwhelming for me
  2. I prefer to contrast pieces, as complementing can feel a bit bland to me
  3. Somewhere in between

What would you look for if you were choosing a pattern for your home?

  1. Probably monochromatic colours in a smaller print
  2. It’s hard to know, as I love all different patterns, but maybe something bold and bright
  3. It depends on where the pattern would be used

Do you feel comfortable with more or less space?

  1. I prefer having more space, as smaller spaces make me feel uncomfortable
  2. I prefer having less space, as too much space can make me feel uncomfortable
  3. I don’t mind, either

If your answers were mostly 1’s, you should take inspiration from a Minimalist Interior Design Style. 

If your answers were mostly 2’s, you should take inspiration from a Maximalist Interior Design Style. 

If your answers were mostly 3’s, you should take inspiration from both interior design styles to find your perfect in-between style. 

Minimalist Interior Design


Featuring a white leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Minimalism is far from boring, as the style thrives on the beauty of forms and materials rather than relying on other elements bringing style to the space. 

There is an understated serenity when it comes to spaces that accomplish the “less is more mantra” well, and looking for beauty in the simplest things is a great approach to have in life.

When decorating your home, look for functional pieces that add value to your space, such as furniture that embraces clean lines, monochromatic, and simple designs. Also, using light, form, and materials is essential for creating a great minimalist space.

Scandinavians use the approach “less is more” when describing their homes as Hygge, a danish definition for a quality of cosiness and comfortability that induces a feeling of contentment and well-being. If you want to find out more, read our article on How To Create Hygge In Your Home

Maximalist Interior Design

A common misconception about maximalism is that it encourages hoarding and overstuffing rooms, but this couldn’t be farther than the truth!

This idea is completely wrong, and even though the style embraces the concept of excess, it’s actually about promoting repetition, patterns, bold interior colour palettes, graphic details, and unique possessions. 

The style is loud but great for expressing a fun, bold, or complex personality because, as individuals, one word isn’t enough to express who we are. Therefore, you can mix patterns, add more accessories to curated collections, and decorate with many saturated colours. The bottom line is that if you’re looking to create a maximalist home, you should utilise your space in the boldest way possible!

Finding Your Perfect In Between Design

Most people will feel they are in between a minimalist and a maximalist, as it can be difficult to be defined as one or the other. 

You can appreciate both styles while finding neither right for you. To find your perfect in between, it may take some reflection to consider what aspects of each style you like or dislike. The quiz you’ve taken should’ve given you a little bit of direction to start with, so you can work this out. 

We recommend finding pieces you love and then trying to accentuate them, whether by surrounding them with negative space or adding to a collection of similar items. Use your favourite colours, whether neutrals or bright hues and always remember that the most important thing is to create a home you love and feel happy in. In case you’ve missed it, we have an excellent article on How To Be Happier At Home that you should read. 

Final Thoughts

We know that most homeowners and design enthusiasts will always try to keep up with the most current interior design trends, and the two designs that best describe us are indeed minimalism and maximalism.

Always remember that while some people prefer the “less is more” look, others like to display their appreciation and love for all their favourite items they’ve collected throughout the years. And there is no right or wrong here! 

The main takeaway from our blog is to always trust your instincts when designing your home according to what suits you best.


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