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The History Of Our Mid-Century Furniture Design Reproductions

“We want to make the best for the most for the least” is one of our favourite sayings from a very famous modern furniture designer – an idea that inspired many other mid-century designers to create their classic pieces of furniture.

Our aim at Pash Classics is to make timeless and stylish designs more accessible, as everyone should enjoy their favourite pieces in their own home. We love our mid-century furniture-inspired designs because they are both practical and versatile, which makes them look as fresh today as when they were first released. 

In this article, we’ve carefully curated the famous collection of our favourite mid-century furniture design reproductions so you can learn more about their history.

The Lounge Chair

Eames Lounge Chair Replica from Pash Classics in Rosewood Veneer and black leather.

It designer aimed to achieve “the warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt” when creating the famous mid-century Lounge Chair

The inspiration to design a better version of a lounge chair came to life after the designers saw their good friend and Hollywood director, Billy Wilder, struggle to relax in various lounge chairs. Once the iconic lounge chair was manufactured, they gifted their friend the second chair from the production line. 

The Lounge Chair debuted in 1956 in America and was featured on NNBC’s Home Show, where the chair started gaining celebrity status. Since then, it has been a part of many permanent collections in design museums and institutions worldwide. It has also been the subject of documentaries and books and has even been featured in endless films and television series.

The collection of Lounge Chairs is so much more than just a well-thought, modern mid-century furniture design, it is now one of the most iconic pieces of furniture throughout history. Our reproduction has been carefully manufactured, so it doesn’t compromise the luxurious comfort and perfected design. 

Keeping With The Original Design

Our Lounge Chairs & Ottomans reproductions sit on a die-cast aluminium base, and the feet pads are adjustable to combat uneven flooring. There are no visible screws, and the seat cushions are attached with a hook system, while the real full-grain Italian leather upholstery is pulled over uniquely to create a deep floral look in the cushions. Absolutely exquisite! 

The Eiffel Chair

Eames DSW Eiffel Chair

A competition to encourage designers to create a well-designed, attractive, yet inexpensive piece of furniture was launched in 1948 by the Museum Of Modern Art in New York. The International Competition for the ‘Design Of Low-Cost Furniture’ had over 3,000 entries, including a submission from the design duo of the most iconic Modern Chair Collection, who entered a moulded armchair. This piece of designer, mid-century furniture, went on to win a second prize and was then developed to be optimised for homes worldwide.

The iconic Armchair was the archetype for the iconic Modern Chairs Collection, then followed by the Side Chair Collection. These were the first mass-produced plastic chairs in the history of the mid-century furniture, which were further developed to introduce a new typology of chair design – a multifunctional piece where the shell can be joined to different bases to serve different design purposes.

The Iconic Mid-Century Chair

Jacobsen Egg Chair Replica from Pash Classics in Tan Brown Leather

Commissioned to design the interior of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, an iconic Danish designer brought to life every single detail from the furniture, lighting, and even the cutlery. 

The unique shell of the Iconic Mid-Century Chair was designed to create privacy in the open space of a lobby. The soft and curvy lines were inspired to contrast the very modern exterior of the hotel. It has the perfect balance of contemporary cool, where style meets substance, making it an excellent modern accent piece that can bring a mid-century touch to any room in your home. At Pash Classics, our reproduction of iconic chairs is crafted to the highest standard to bring you a piece of mid-century furniture that will add instant sophistication.

Whether you’re looking for an accent piece to update your living room or are redecorating and searching for a little mid-century influence, this is the most elegant choice that will transcend from season to season.

The Tulip Table

Saarinen Tulip Table and Tulip Armchair.

In 1941, the Museum of Modern Art launched a competition for Organic Design In Home Furnishings. One of the most famous American neo-futurist architects and industrial designers was inspired by the competition and commenced a design project that resolved the slum of legs. 

The designs featured a pedestal base whereby the chairs can easily slot under, leaving the dining room clutter-free. The Tulip Tables collection is a contemporary masterpiece, stylish and sophisticated, making it a firm favourite for modern living.

This table can bring an air of grace to any dining space as its design is refined and polished, beautifully bare yet bold. With a circular top and a central stem that prompted the adoption of its tulip moniker, the look is organic and luxurious at the same time. Our Tulip Table reproductions range from 90cm to 199cm and are available in Carrara Marble and white gloss finishes.

The Iconic Coffee Table

Noguchi Tribeca Coffee Table Replica from Pash Classics in walnut.

Many years ago, a famous Japanese-American designer in the mid-century faced racism after the attack on Pearl Harbour. He volunteered to enter the Colorado River Relocation Centre to improve the environment of internment but ended up being held there against his will with many other interned Japanese Americans. 

Shortly after being released, he channelled all his frustrations and pain into his work and created his very popular and loved by everyone – The Iconic Coffee Table.

His beloved designs helped show Japanese-Americans’ importance in American culture whilst blending form and function in perfect harmony. It is a must-have for 21st-century homes as it harnesses a stylish sculptural design featuring a sleek minimal glass top and two flawless wooden interlocking legs. 

Its design is clean, sophisticated and a celebrated piece of mid-century furniture that is as impressive now as it was over 70 years ago. The coffee table complements minimal interiors and needs little styling, making it a work of art in its own right. This coffee table instantly draws the eye, commanding attention without overpowering the surrounding space due to its fluid and natural structure. A true centrepiece with a difference! 

The Side Table

Gray E1027 Side Table Replica from Pash Classics

From 1926 to 1929, Eileen Gray collaborated on the design and creation of her modernist villa with French architect Jean Badovici. Gray designed the pieces of furniture for the interior of the villa, and one to catch many individuals’ attention was the Side Table.

This iconic piece of mid-century furniture was initially created for her sister, who likes to have breakfast in bed. The table was designed to slip under the bedside or sofa, allowing the user to be as close as possible whilst also being adjustable in height, making this function as practical as possible. 

The Diamond Chair

Bertoia Diamond Chair replica from Pash Classics. Black coated and black cushion variation

Harry Bertoia developed the initial idea for his Wire Chair Collection while working with the likes of other mid-century furniture designers in California. He worked on the iconic chairs to help achieve the flexible plywood seat, but with no mention of him or the other collaborators. Bertoia was frustrated with the lack of recognition, so he stopped working with the studio. 

He was fascinated by the study of body dynamics, also known as ergonomic design, and applied this rigorously to his furniture designs. Metal was his material of choice, and after many trials, he developed the wire grid concept that could be easily shaped. Once he grasped this concept, he created airy metal armchairs, side chairs, benches and bar stool designs. The spring feels, and innovative idea of a metal chair impressed individuals back in the 1950s and still does today.

These designs have inspired interior designers and homeowners worldwide, with these pieces being the subject of many stylish interiors. His chairs are a bit futuristic, beautifully minimal and forever stylish, making them a fine choice for contemporary dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Final Thoughts 

And there you have them – our favourite pieces of mid-century furniture adored by many customers and interior designers alike! If you are interested in reading more about the history of our brand, make sure to check out our blog on The History Of Pash Classics.

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