Your Guide To The Iconic Mid-Century Dining Chair Replica

Eames DAW & DSW Chairs

Out of all the dining chairs that have ever been designed, how many do you remember? We would assume it’s a handful at best! 

However, we’re certain that of that handful, one would be part of The Iconic Mid-Century Dining Chair Replicas everyone is talking about. 

These are the most recognisable designs ever created for modern homes and fly in the same circles as the Polaroid Camera and the ballpoint pen. But there’s more to these timeless dining chairs than meets the eye. 

To help you familiarise yourself, we’ve collated this guide to introduce you to the world of an impressive collection of mid-century dining chairs with interchangeable seat tops, leg styles, colours and functions!

The Inspiration Behind The Iconic Mid-Century Dining Chairs

Eames DSW Chairs in a Dining Room

Some of the most famous designers began their venture into furniture design in the early 1940s when furniture was commonly made from wood or metal, often handcrafted, slow to produce and relatively expensive. They aimed to create affordable furniture, stating, “we want to make the best for the most for the least!”.

However, before their vision succeeded, the United States of America entered the war, and a shift in the need for military equipment began. Despite being functionally conscious, the duo turned their efforts towards designing and creating veneered plywood leg splints for injured soldiers in a process dissimilar to their later wooden dining chair designs.

After the war ended, the designers saw another opportunity for low-cost, functional design to propel them into the limelight of popular culture and change how people styled their homes forever! 

With the plastic and fibreglass mid-century modern dining chair, they entered the International Competition For Low-Cost Furniture Design. The dining chairs were highly regarded as the ideal way to solve America’s low-cost furniture requirements.

In 1946, their designs were exhibited at the Museum Of Modern Art in Manhattan, and from there, the range quickly expanded. A side chair variation of the dining chair was created alongside an expanding range of base options which included the Eiffel Chair, the wire base and the rocker base.

Bauhaus may have pioneered function, but these two designers made it mainstream!

How Is The Mid-Century Dining Chair Made?

Eames DCW Chair Poster

“What works good is better than what looks good because what works good lasts”, claims one of the designers. 

Combine this ethos with their vision of affordable design, and we begin to understand why their use of moulded plastics has become such a characteristic of their furniture designs. Originally crafted from Zenaloy (a plastic and fibreglass mixture formed by the US Army during World War 2), the chairs, including Pash Classics’ replicas, are now formed from an injection moulded ABS or Polypropylene plastic, which is chosen for its strength, flexibility, easy malleability and ease to produce.

This use of plastics has also allowed for an iconic range of colours to be developed. Originally available in only greige, elephant-hide grey and parchment, the Pash Classics Mid-Century Dining Chair Replicas now come in 24 colours for any interior!

Taking inspiration from their leg split and standing out from the collection thanks to their all-wooden build is the Wooden Dining Chairs and Wooden Living Chairs. These striking dining and living chairs are built from layers of veneered plywood moulded into organic shapes meant to be enjoyed from every angle.

What Do The Acronyms Mean?

Eames DSR Chairs

So much so was the designer’s commitment towards simplicity and affordability that the names of their dining chair ranges were condensed into acronyms for easy reference. Each letter refers to a main element of the chair: the height, style and base material.

  • DSW: Dining (height) Side (chair) Wood (base)
  • DAW: Dining (height) Arm (chair) Wood (base)
  • DSR: Dining (height) Side (chair) Rod (base)
  • DAR: Dining (height) Arm (chair) Rod (base)
  • DCW: Dining (height) Chair Wood (base)
  • LCW: Living (height) Chair Wood (base)
  • DKR: Dining (height) Wire (K used for wire) Rod (base)
  • RAR: Rocking (height) Arm (chair) Rod (base) 

The Legacy Continues

Since their creation in the 40s and 50s, The Mid-Century Dining Chair Replicas have been adorning the homes of those who understand the careful balance between function and style across the globe. Their influence on the world of mid-century furniture shows no sign of slowing down!

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