An Introduction To The Timeless Plastic Dining Side Chairs

Dining Room Featuring DSW Chairs

Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, the Ford Thunderbird, and the Plastic Dining Side Chair – all revolutionary icons from the 1950s that changed the world. 

It’s no accident that the designer plastic dining chair has no contemporary equal but plenty of replicas and mimics! In this article, we’re introducing you to one of the most famous dining side chairs of all time whilst presenting its features and ways to incorporate them into your home. 

What Is A Dining Side Chair (“The” Dining Side Chair”)? 


Longevity was as much a part of the designer’s philosophy when designing mid-century modern furniture characterised by artistic flair, comfort and functionality. 

The timeless plastic Dining Side Chairs are a true piece of modern design history, available in a dazzling range of coloured seats (red, orange, green, sky blue, yellow, black and white) that speak volumes about one’s appreciation of good design. 

The winning entry in the 1948 New York Museum Of Modern Art’s international ‘low-cost furniture design competition’, the designers made effective use of groundbreaking processes and new materials, and in the 1950s, it went on to be the first mass-produced plastic chair. The design was so successful that by the late 1960s, these dining room side chairs could be seen everywhere, from canteens to domestic kitchens and from school classrooms to university seminars. Their ubiquity led to a degree of complacency and over-familiarity on our part, however, they slowly slipped out of fashion in the 1980s.

But on the good side, more recently, they became once again just as appreciated for their comfort, durability and desirable design classics. No longer confined to the domestic kitchen or dining room, their appreciation has spread beyond the hipster loft apartments of the late 1990s and have entered the consciousness of the mainstream consumer looking for comfort, design aesthetic and value for money.

Today it remains an iconic piece of contemporary dining furniture, and not only, but that also defines an era that remains timeless. As plastic dining chairs go, the iconic dining side chair remains a classic of contemporary design and is a great example of affordable designer furniture fit for the modern home. 

At Pash Classics, it’s by far our best-seller! Available in various colours and three-leg finishes in black, beech and walnut, we’ve extended the legs to create a countertop or breakfast bar-friendly design, the timeless Plastic Bar Stool

Even better? The plastic dining side chairs work just as well as bedside tables, office chairs or dining chairs – the possibilities are endless (just look below)!




Final Thoughts

One thing is for certain – the mix of plastic and wood used when creating these dining side chairs lends its classic design a certain warmth and casual appeal.

Many manufacturers offer replicas of these timeless dining chairs that use modern materials that aren’t as durable, sturdy or classy. At Pash Classics, we offer a timeless reproduction using all the original materials for an authentic and superior chair. 

Why change something that was meant to be remembered forever? Our Plastic Dining Side Chairs are a design investment for any home or business space, a timeless, durable classic. The future as seen from the past!

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