The Best Summer Colour Palettes To Brighten Your Home


Summer is one of the most fun and joyful times of the year, which includes having fun with friends and family, going on tropical holidays, and eating delicious food. It is that time of the year when both the environment and the mind become brighter.

But what about your home? In this article, we share our top 5 summer colour palettes to brighten your home whilst keeping things casual, effortless, and most of all, colourful!

What Are Home Summer Colours?

Decorating with summer colour palettes can bring the look and feel of warm beaches and lush gardens straight into your home interior design. Summer colours can include light, airy tones that evoke a clear, sunny sky, but also bold shades reminiscent of blooming flowers.

There are all kinds of colour palettes that are perfect for decorating your beach house or making your home feel like one, and these are five of our favourites:

Aqua & Coral


Using aqua and coral colours can create one of the most beautiful and soft summer colour palettes.

You can combine chilly and warm whilst also matching sunny colours to stick to a beach theme. Colours in the green-blue and pink-orange range create an intriguing contrast that can offer any space a lively feel. 

Tip: you can even just add a coral and aqua tablecloth to offer your dining room a young vibe if repainting walls and changing your furniture is not what you had in mind. 

Blue & Grey


Blue and grey are a cool summer colour palette which encourages a laid-back, open ambience. 

It can create the perfect setting for a beautiful summer cheer as you adhere to warm hues. When experimenting with this colour palette, remember natural daylight to avoid having an overly crowded or uptight feeling in your design, particularly in small spaces. 

Tip: you can incorporate elements like a grey side dining chair in your dining room for a touch of colour, a blue side chair next to your bed for a touch of coastal vibes, or even a modern grey bubble chair in your living room for that wow factor.

Lemonade Shades


Any conversation about summer colour palettes would be hardly complete without the iconic summertime drink – lemonade! There is nothing more refreshing than relaxing on the beach, porch or deck of your home with an iced glass of freshly made lemonade. 

Decorating with rich shades of yellow and white, whilst adding hints of minty green, will give your home the same cool, refreshing feel of the perfect glass of lemonade.

Tip: add a large centrepiece on your living room table, a beautiful piece of artwork (or more) on your walls, or even a bohemian rug that matches a blanket on your sofa for a splash of lemonade colour.

Lavender & Mint


Using light summer colour palettes goes a long way, and the pastel power couple of lavender and mint can evoke provincial serenity and youthful simplicity, like a satisfying sigh of contentment in colour form.

Think French hillsides, lush country fields, calm Sunday afternoons and blossoming flowers. According to Colour Psychology, lavender “encompasses such emotions and thought processes, imagination, creativity, and because of its association with springtime, the optimistic beginning of new stages in life.” In the meantime, mint is associated with tranquillity, health, and good luck, along with freshness and creativity. A match made in heaven! 

Tip: add mint-toned pillows to neutral furniture pieces like a sofa or loveseat, and coordinate it with a lavender throw draped over the back (after all, one way how to be happier at home is to invite relaxing and serene colours into your interior design).

Peach & Ivory


Of all the colour palettes, this one is for sure our favourite! If a fun yet simple and bright summer colour palette is what you’re after, peach and ivory are an excellent choice. 

Clean and bright but also warm and sweet, this colour combination will energize any room and can pair exceptionally well with many other neutral colours. According to Colour Psychology, peach is a fantastic colour for encouraging communication, inspiring good manners and feeling calm, while white shades like ivory evoke sophistication, simplicity and cleanliness.

Tip: you can paint your living room walls in a peachy hue while using ivory décor accents or furniture to balance out its intensity; and for a softer inclusion, you can use an ivory table runner under a vase of peach daylilies in your dining room for a touch of glow!

Add A Splash Of Colour With Modern Furniture 

If you like to switch up your interior design for the summer, why not add colour and pattern with soft mid-century modern furniture?

During the summer, you can choose the summer colour palettes we discussed earlier, and many other softer colours like mauve, mustard yellow or plaster pink when choosing a mix of plain and patterned soft furnishings. 

When walking into a room, our eyes naturally search for a focal point, while taking in all of the smaller details. Too much focus on the smaller details can create a confusing scheme, with no real focal point or clear design.

The easiest way to create a focal point in any living space is to single out one piece of furniture! For example, you can use a modern dining table in white or dark greys and create a focal point around it by using a beautiful copper pendant lamp directly above the centre, and a large rug placed under the table. 

The same trick can also be used in the living room, where you can use a pendant lamp directly over a coffee table, and a different rug under it as well. If you want to draw the eye to one space over the over, try a patterned rug under this area, and a plain rug under the dining area.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to decorating your home for the summer season, the main idea is to have fun. Start by finding your perfect summer colour palettes and let your imagination take over!

If you’re looking for some more tips and ideas on how to enhance your home this summer, check out more articles on:

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