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Eames Office Chair

Whether you’re a long-time admirer or just starting to explore the world of mid-century furniture, it’s hard to ignore how these iconic designs help to radiate joy and increase the functionality of every room in the house. However, it’s also quite hard to forget how much thought was put into creating boat stylish, comfortable and functional office furniture.

In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about our Aluminium Group Chair Series and why they are the best fit for your modern office. 

The Origins Of The Aluminium Group Chair

The Miller House where the Aluminium Group was commissioned.

The Miller House where the Aluminium Group was commissioned.

Over their 50-year career, the design duo developed designer office furniture pieces that, in time, became true icons, such as the ‘so New York’ Executive Office Chair. But it’s the modest aluminium office chair that has stood the test of time and eased so many into a productive day at work which, today, they’re still recognised as some of the best office chairs around!

One could be forgiven for thinking that the aluminium group chair series was born out of the advertising offices of Maddison Avenue as a way to let executives work in comfort for an ungodly number of hours a day. But you’d be wrong! In the 1950s, The Miller House was designed in Indiana, a magnificent building which required suitable furniture. More specifically, its designers wanted to incorporate only high-quality outdoor chairs that would make an impression. 

And this is how the iconic range of reclining aluminium chairs, upholstered in a synthetic mesh, came to life. As their popularity began to increase in the world of mid-century modern furniture, a demand for these chairs to become suitable for office use was born. In 1958, some tweaks were made, and the Management Office Chair was born, with its high-backed brother, the Modern Office Chair coming shortly after.

The Eames Aluminium group once converted for office use.

The Aluminium group once converted for office use.


High-Quality Materials

Forever conscious of their use of build material and upholsteries, its designer made these office chairs with a cast aluminium frame, which supported a stretched mesh fabric seat and back. Over the years, this structural design has remained, with updates to the upholstery to make it even more comfortable.

At Pash Classics, you can choose between the original synthetic mesh, full-grain Italian leather or luxurious wool, all perfectly in keeping with the original design.

The Ergonomics

When the group transitioned from outdoor use to office space, the designers returned to the drawing board and gave both chairs some vital updates. And not by accident, these modifications have given the aluminium group chair its status as an extremely comfortable and ergonomic chair to have in your workplace. So now let’s look in closer detail at the magnificent features of the aluminium office chair:

Lockable Tilt: Do you need to sit up straight? Or want to lounge back and relax? Thanks to their lockable tilt mechanism, you can easily find a posture that suits the pull of a lever.

360-Degree Swivel: One of the most basic functions of an office chair can be traced back to the mid-century, thanks to its designers.

Adjustable Height: Have you ever come across desks of the same height? It happens, but it’s a rarity! Luckily, the designers utilised an innovative gas lift system that allows for easy chair height adjustment without pulling, pushing, or twisting the chair.

And when you combine all of these minor design revolutions, you have an office chair that has remained at the forefront of ergonomic design for over 60 years! 

The Aluminium Group Chair Today

Eames EA117 Black Leather In A Meeting Room

Even today, looking at the aluminium group chair series and seeing just another basic office chair is hard. Their iconic style is a true archetype of mid-century design and a sure way to let the world know you care about where you sit whilst fitting seamlessly with any of the interior design styles. With the immerging popularity of working from home, you’re now just as likely to see these iconic office chairs at home as in the office.

So why not browse the wide selection of Pash Classics Aluminium Group Chair Replicas that won’t break the bank? Whether you need an office chair to accompany your workspace at home or you’re seating the whole office, a better working day awaits!

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