All You Need To Know About The Poet Sofa

Poet Sofa From Above

At Pash Classics, we have many established and popular contemporary furniture pieces that our customers love. And over the years, we’ve extended our range with new designs named after some of the world’s most stylish and famous cities.

Many of these are Scandinavian, and we urge you to look at our Stockholm, Malmo, Helsinki, Oslo and Aarhus sofas and chairs, which just ooze minimalist chic! Also, in case you’ve missed it, we have a great blog on Scandinavian Design: Everything You Need to Know to get up to date with the features of this beautiful type of interior design style.

The Poet Sofa – The Star Of The Show

Among our wonderfully designed contemporary furniture pieces is something much more idiosyncratic from the same part of the world.

The Poet Sofa is like no other seating design we know or have ever seen! It is upright, enveloping, modern, stylish, and organic – all in one.

The designer’s father was a textile importer of tweed and similar fabrics, so the luxurious cashmere feel of the Poet sofa is a texture that would probably have been familiar to him from the earliest age. He trained as an architect but became interested in furniture design, producing idiosyncratic designs in small artisan runs in the 1930s. 

However, an influential feature about him appeared in the American Interiors magazine in 1948, which led to him becoming recognised as the man who introduced modern Danish design to the US. You can read our blog on Danish Interior Design: Everything You Need To Know to learn more.

As a result, demand grew, and he soon found himself producing designs of all kinds for the American market, including not just furniture but consumer products like glassware, ceramics and even fridges for General Electric.

A quote from the Poet sofa designer in the Interiors article that makes sense: “One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can spoil quite a lot of happiness with bad ones.” It is an unassuming, modest philosophy but one that has real resonance! Like many modernist designers, he experienced a decline in interest in the 1970s but is recognised as a master of mid-century modern interior design

You can even visit the house named after him in Copenhagen, his own home for which many designs including the Poet sofa, were created. In our experience, this piece of mid-century modern furniture makes a fine addition to any modern home, that’s why you can purchase your own Poet Sofa replica from Pash Classics at an affordable price. 

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