The Perfect Modern Sofa For Your Home

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Chair Close View

Is there a piece of modern furniture more important to your aesthetic than the sofa? 

Having (or not having) the best modern sofa can make or break your home’s decor, and at Pash Classics, we’re here to help ensure you find the perfect mid-century modern sofa to fit your style and needs! 

The Iconic Modern Sofa Replica & Its Designer


The designer of the Koll Style Modern Sofas is unusual among the designers of contemporary furniture that we love at Pash Classics, as she formed a living link to a golden age of design!

At school, she developed a passion for architecture and befriended another great designer, who would himself become a designer of note through the beautifully organic Tulip Tables and Tulip Chairs. She also studied under another famous German designer, whose stunning Barcelona Chair is another modernist design classic part of our range.

However, her break came in 1943 when she moved to New York and met her future husband, who was just starting his own furniture business. The partnership was complimentary as Florence provided the designs, and he was the business acumen. And international success soon followed.

At the company’s heart was the Knoll Planning Unit, essentially a designers’ brain trust that sought to redefine the interior of corporate offices, creating light and cleanly planned spaces for clients including CBS, General Motors and IBM. As part of these holistically planned interiors, the designer created a range of furniture that has become universally acknowledged as a modernist classic.

Her approach to furniture was to be highly restrained yet perfectly proportioned and made from high-quality materials. This philosophy means that pieces such as her Iconic Modern Sofas & Armchairs have an inherent rightness that makes them look superb in any environment, whether in your office or home.

Many modern interiors use bright splashes of primary colour, and at Pash Classics, we especially like to see her furniture used in these types of interiors. The contrast between the designer’s reserved and correct designs and a bright red or yellow wall works especially well!

Seating In Style & Comfort

Have you ever wondered where the TV studios get their expensive-looking mid-century modern furniture? If you have David Beckham in the studio (or just your loved ones), you will want them sitting comfortably on a stylish sofa. 

And the best news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the same sofa Beckham sits on for your friends and family to enjoy! We know this because he’s sitting on our own Knoll Style Modern Sofa Replica

Funny fact – back in the day, we also supplied a second sofa for the show, with holes cut out of the back for the puppeteers when the Muppets appeared!

Retailing at an affordable price with free delivery to the UK mainland, this stylish modern sofa looks great in any room, be it a living room, family room or office. It is upholstered in either natural fabric or full Italian leather, where this high-quality settee is available as a two-seat (140cm x 80xm x 80cm w,d,h) or three-seat (200cm x 80cm x 80cm w,d,h).

Final Thoughts

Finding the best modern sofa design is vital for any successful interior design style. 

A sofa is often one of the biggest and most important pieces of furniture you will buy for your home, and the style of your chosen design will set the tone for a whole room. A good sofa not only needs to look good and match your interior design style, but it also needs to provide an inviting space where you can relax and unwind. 

If you don’t choose the right size and style, a sofa can quickly become an expensive source of regret rather than a dream investment! 

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