Mogensen Style Sofas

Functional and designed with strong simple lines, explore our range of reproduction Borge Mogensen Sofas and Chairs at Pash Classics.

First designed in the early sixties by acclaimed Danish designer Børge Mogensen, the 2211 chair was a passion project for his own home north of Copenhagen. This later led to the development of both two and three seat versions (the 2212 and 2213) providing modernist seating options for homes all around the world. The style is uncluttered, yet boasts maximum comfort due to the padded cushions and smooth Italian leather upholstery. In timeless black, the sofas are inviting, classic and built for purpose. From the addition of a single armchair, to a full three-piece setup, Børge Mogensen sofas are certainly worth considering if your home is one that prides itself on style and substance.

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  1. Mogensen 2211 Armchair Replica - black leather

    Mogensen Style 2211 Armchair

    £863.10 Was £959.00
  2. Mogensen 2212 Two Seat Sofa Replica - black leather

    Mogensen Style 2212 Two Seater Sofa

    £1,223.10 Was £1,359.00
  3. Mogensen 2213 Three Seat Sofa Replica - black leather

    Mogensen Style 2213 Three Seater Sofa

    £1,493.10 Was £1,659.00
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