Scandinavian Sofas

Experience the serene elegance of Nordic design with our selection of Scandinavian sofas from Pash Classics, where minimalist beauty meets functional comfort.

Our collection features a range of Scandinavian sofas, including the classic Scandinavian sofa and the versatile Scandinavian-style sofa, each crafted to embody the clean lines and understated elegance typical of Scandinavian design. These sofas are perfect for adding a touch of refined simplicity to any room, seamlessly integrating with contemporary and traditional decor. Whether you’re seeking a stylish centrepiece for your living area or a comfortable and elegant addition to your home, our Scandinavian sofas promise to enhance your space with their unique charm and practical design. Explore the range at Pash Classics, where each sofa is meticulously crafted to bring enduring style and functionality to your home.

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  1. Mogensen 2211 Armchair Replica - black leather

    Mogensen Style 2211 Armchair

    £863.10 Was £959.00
  2. Mogensen 2212 Two Seat Sofa Replica - black leather

    Mogensen Style 2212 Two Seater Sofa

    £1,223.10 Was £1,359.00
  3. Mogensen 2213 Three Seat Sofa Replica - black leather

    Mogensen Style 2213 Three Seater Sofa

    £1,493.10 Was £1,659.00
  4. Juhl Poet Sofa Replica

    Juhl Style Poet Sofa

    £989.10 Was £1,099.00
    Modern Cubed Armchair

    Modern Cubed Armchair

    £699.00 Was £849.00
    Two Seat - White

    Two Seat - White

    £999.00 Was £1,299.00
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