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The Perfect Time For A Spring Home Makeover

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Nothing is better than leaving the winter season behind and making your way into spring. And as it’s the season of change and new beginnings, it is also the perfect time to indulge in a spring makeover! 

In this article, we will share tips and tricks on how you can do your own spring home makeover like a pro!

Where To Start With

If your furniture is old, tired or outdated, you might want to look into an upgrade or two, and if you’re looking for something to make an impact, then you can’t go wrong with mid-century furniture!

Mid-century modern furniture is the perfect choice if you love the sleek, stylish and modern things in life, helping to bring your home up to date by giving it a minimalist edge. There’s more to it than meets the eye because it is not only functional but also an artistic statement in its own right, with basic designs making way for something far more unique and inspiring. 

Choosing modern pieces can be the perfect way to update your home at this time of the year, with the sleek lines and crisp contours being the pinnacle of freshness and rejuvenation. The best thing about this furniture style is that you can incorporate it into any room in the house, with contemporary living room furniture and bedroom, dining room and office furniture to give your home a fresh new look.

The Perfect Furniture For A Spring Home Makeover


Interesting fact – with the current property market still not offering much for people looking to get on the property ladder, more than ever are left in the limbo of eternally renting. According to The Independent, the average age of the first-time buyer is now 38 years old. 

Whilst this may be rather disheartening to imagine living in rented digs for the next decade, there’s perhaps no better time to start making your mark on your contemporary furniture and interior design styles tastes!

For example, we love retro furniture, as a massive part of the Pash Classics look is about sourcing and creating designer furniture that fits with the creative ethos of our studio. We do our best to craft key pieces that can bring a room to life, and perhaps this is even more relevant to eternal renters. We know it can be tough to make a mark on a new property, even more so when you’re not the homeowner, but who says it’s impossible?

Our Designer Office Chairs, Dining Tables, Accent Chairs and Accessories are all tailored to suit home renters with an identity. For example, let’s look at the fabulous Wire Dining Chairs, which are incredibly popular in our stylish collection. In an environment where the wall colour and carpets aren’t going to change, such accent furniture pieces can offer an exceptional style and aesthetic. 

Contemporary furniture has a clean and minimalist feel to it, so it is a popular choice for anyone looking to create a stand-out home decor in their apartment or house. The clean lines and bold colours reinforce the minimalist feel, which, far from being cold or impersonal, helps keep your home clutter-free and bright.

Contemporary designer furniture doesn’t have to be in the traditional colours of black and white. For example, you could brighten up your living room with a vibrant armchair, such as The Iconic Mid-Century Chair, which was made most famous by the Big Brother TV show, which first came to life 50 years ago in the reception area of Copenhagen’s Royal Hotel. We have many versions of this fantastic design, available in various bright colours such as orange, pink, green and red. Having one of these eye-catching chairs in your home will be a real talking point, and you’re sure all your visitors will want to have a go at sitting in it to have their own Diary Room moment! Browse our collection of iconic mid-century chairs and see it for yourself! 

When it comes to coffee tables and side tables, glass tops are a popular choice, particularly because they can make a small room seem larger. Looking through the tabletop increases the amount of room you can see, giving the illusion that it is greater than it is. The smooth curved lines of our Mid-Century Coffee Table are a wonderful complement to the iconic mid-century chair!

5 Ways To embrace The Spring Season


There’s something utterly rejuvenating about spring when many of us feel the urge to spruce up our homes and embrace the energy that comes with the new season. If you want to update your home without making drastic changes, here are 5 easy ways to spring home makeover your home like a pro!

Use Bright Colours

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, so try having your interior design style align. While dark colours felt right during winter, it’s time to swap them for pastels or even bold neons. Also, changing out an area rug for something brighter is an easy way to incorporate a new splash of colour. 

Bring Nature Indoors

We know it can be hard to keep plants alive when the air turns crisp, and the daylight fades away. However, you can buy new greenery during the spring season, but always pick the right plants for your lighting to ensure they survive until next spring! One of the easiest ways to update any interior room is to add a bouquet of fresh flowers, such as daffodils, tulips, and sprigs of eucalyptus and hyacinths. In case you missed it, we have a great article on biophilic interior design, filled with more tips. 

Switch Your Art

Updating your entire wall art is probably too much, however, exchanging a few pieces throughout your home is a great way to make the rooms feel fresh and updated. Try incorporating light colours, rounded shapes, and beautiful contrasts – you can never go wrong!

Upgrade Your Lightning

If your ceiling is still sporting a decades-old light fixture, the spring season is a great time to revitalise it with something a little lighter. For example, a Pendant Lamp in the living room will instantly transform the space into a centrepiece. To learn more about our most iconic designer lamp, check out our article on All You Need To Know About The Trendy Artichoke Lamp

Paint A Room

If you have some time to spare, consider repainting any rooms that need a quick and easy spring home makeover. Green is the colour of rejuvenation and rebirth, and thus it is a great choice for welcoming in a new season! If you want some inspiration on what colours to choose, we have a great article on How To Create A Complementary Colour Scheme In Interior Design and a Pinterest board with great ideas for interiors, furniture, colours, and accessories that will help you to decide what is for you!

Final Thoughts

So with this sense of renewal, we hope you can already feel the energetic craving to tidy up your home and start your spring home makeover, almost in a nesting-like manner! 

To refresh your home and make it feel as renewed as spring, why not spend a little time planning the kind of furniture you want and what budget you’re happy with, and then let our superb catalogue of replica designer furniture do the rest!


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