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  • Dining Room Design, How To Make The Most Out Of Your Space?

    A multi-functional space, your dining room can be anything you want it to be, where you eat, entertain and sometimes work. Whatever your style, size or budget, we have some dining room design advice on how you can make the most out of your space.
    Saarinen White Tulip Table & Eames DSW Chairs

    Choosing A Dining Table

    A focal feature of any dining room, the dining table is more than just a functional surface. An integral decision when designing your dining room. It is important to select the right style and shape for your space and lifestyle.

    Dining Table Shapes, Rectangle or Round?

    The uncomplicated, linear shape of a rectangular or square dining table conveniently fits in most rooms. For the smaller dining room the table can be pushed against walls when not in use to allow for ease of movement.

    The most versatile of all shapes, the round or oval dining table, works in any size or shape room. These shapes make clever use of the space that is available, the rounded edges incorporate curves that help to soften the scheme and break up angular lines.

    The circular shape helps to build a sense of intimacy, with no head of the table, resulting in the dining experience feeling a lot more casual and it can easily accommodate an uneven number of guests.

    Round tables can offer flexibility that a square or rectangle table often doesn’t.

    Deciding On A Colour Scheme For Your Dining Room

    You have the freedom to do what you want when it comes to designing your dining room. It's your house, so your rules. Think about how you will use your dining room, and this will help to decide which shades and tones work best.

    Colour can be introduced throughout your dining room with painted walls, furniture, accessories and more.

    Calming Colours

    If sitting down for your evening meal is the perfect way for you to relax after a hectic day, introducing shades of blue, dusky pinks or lighter greens ensure a sense of comfort, tranquility and serenity.
    Black Eames DSW Chairs - Dining Room

    Energising Colours

    Deeper greens and pinks can add a punch of energising colour to your dining room, and can be integrated with lighter, calmer colours. Not designed for the faint hearted, these will bring a statement look to your dining space.

    Inviting Colours

    Create an inviting ambience with warm colours such as red, yellow and orange. These colours are meant to make us feel brighter and peckish, therefore ideal for the primary purpose of any dining room, eating.

    Dare To Go Dark

    If your dining room receives plenty of natural light, you can be bold and embrace a darker toned colour scheme. Arrest the interest of guests with shades of deep purple, indigo, slate grey or midnight black.

    Simple But Effective Colours

    For a pared back space, an earthy or monochrome scheme, layered with subtle colours in soft furnishings and decorative accessories is perfect.

    Designing A Large Dining Room

    Consider the function of the room. How will time be spent in there? How much seating is required? Does the space need to have furniture to store away dinnerware?

    You want your dining room to encourage conversation among the people seated. The space shouldn’t be too noisy or have too many distractions. Sometimes, in an open plan home, it can be hard to ensure a private and intimate set up.

    Make the dining table the centre of attention. Furnishings and accessories can be situated around the focal point to complement the space. To give a more creative approach, mix the style of furniture, lighting and artwork to give an eclectic look.
    Eames Eiffel Dining Table & DSW Chairs

    Designing A Small Dining Room

    When designing a dining room with limited space, you need to be more thoughtful when it comes to decorating. However, don’t let a small dining room limit you, make use of every inch of space you can.

    Pedestal bases give more available floor space, giving the illusion of extra room. These designs can help a small dining room feel more open and airy.

    If you need a versatile dining room, a round table allows you to fit more chairs comfortably. These round bistro inspired table designs help to provide a chic and practical choice for smaller dining spaces.

    If you are living with an open plan space, and your dining area is included with another room in your home, you can establish clear separation between the spaces with a rug. On the flip side, you could position the rug in another area and use the negative space as the separation between your dining area.

    You can try transporting your dining area into a French bistro by hanging a photo on the wall and dressing your table with fresh flowers and a candle.

    Family Dining

    Family meals can be a very important part to your children's development, it is the perfect way for them to learn table manners and you can model acceptable behaviour as you are sitting around the table with them. With everyone sitting at the same level, this is the ideal place for eye contact while speaking. This results in better hearing and understanding as everyone can observe important social cues such as facial expressions and body language that can easily be missed with modern day interruptions. Creating this atmosphere in your home will leave your family members feeling valued, increasing their self esteem and building a culture of respect within the house.

    Surprising Benefits You May Have Not Thought Of Before

    With many potential benefits to a regular family meal round the dining table, such as encouraging picky eaters to try new dishes, promoting teamwork as everyone in the home can have a job to get the room ready, helping to prevent obesity by slowing meal times down with conversation between eating and building your child’s self-esteem by listening to what they have to say, this shows you value their thoughts and opinions.

    Easy to Clean Dining Furniture

    Family dining furniture doesn't need to be compromised by spills and mess. Stylish designs without compromising on style, can still be made affordable. Consider the Eames Dining Table and Eiffel Chairs range. ABS plastic and durable materials mean the pieces can easily be cleaned and are tough enough to take on the demand that comes with daily use.

    Fine Or Fun Dining

    Home Dining Room with Saarinen Tulip Tables Credit to Cliveden Design

    Whether you want a sophisticated or more relaxed look for your dining room, these interior design tips will perfectly implement your preferred dining style.

    Light coloured walls can be more intriguing than white walls without engulfing the room in bold tones. But, if you want to make a statement, the dining room can be one of the best opportunities, with less time spent in the room compared to a living room or bedroom. You can be more expressive without making the room too busy.

    Versatile Dining Rooms

    A dining table that seems to adapt with its surroundings is the Saarinen Tulip Table.  It never looks out of place, no matter what your interior style. The pedestal base leaves ample leg room for a comfortable seating experience. You can create an eclectic mix of materials and styles by contrasting upholstery and contemporary features.

    To soften a modern dining set, trying balancing the neoteric materials and design with homemade elements like a cozy, wool rug.

    Accessories are the finishing touch to set the tone for the room. Think about the mood you want to create before purchasing your dining rooms decorations.

  • Can Your Interior Design Be Impacting Your Well-Being?

    It has been estimated that the average person spends around 80% - 90% of their time indoors, which makes our indoor surroundings important. What if our interior design could be impacting on our well-being? Well, it could be, and that is why neuroarchitecture is around.

    Neuroarchitecture is the study of the psychological and emotional impact that architectural and interior design can have on your well-being.

    Designs Influence On Individuals


    Designers and architects understand the influence that designs can have on the way an individual uses them and how they experience them. Paired with neurological research, it is believed that buildings can be created to achieve a specific objective, for example a less stressful office space, a more focused school environment or a hospital that facilitates recovery.

    What Is The Benefit To Understanding How Designs Can Affect Our Feelings?


    The challenge is to understand why there are places that encourage or hinder certain moods. It is more complex than just looking at light and colour to understand the influence on people’s frame of mind. The idea is to be able to apply these discoveries to the design and construction of spaces to improve our well being.

    Almost all past architecture and interior design movements have been chosen by a current aesthetic style or philosophy that drives them. Neuroarchitecture is the opposite of this, as the movement embodies the people that will be impacted by the design.


    Are Individual Preferences Considered In Neuroarchitecture?


    It is common knowledge that people respond to design differently. There is no universal reaction to one singular space, and neuroscientists take this onboard when proposing their research and designs.

    Different demographics such as age, cultural background and possibly gender might dictate our personal preferences.

    However there are some common problems faced by everyone when choosing a home, that date back to prehistoric time. Choosing the right location is the big one. Whether this is for a bird trying to build a nest on a sturdy branch or a human choosing to live in the city for easy access.

    How It Can Help Us To Understand Popular Furniture Designs?


    It has been found that humans still unconsciously prefer locations in an area where they feel protected and the ability to sense their surroundings. The popularity of the wing back chair might be related to this.  Small alcoves set in larger spaces are often the place that people gravitate towards.

    Neuro-Architects highlight an importance of being able to inhabit different types of spaces within your home.


    What Are Some Of The Main Stimuli In Your Home?


    • Lighting

    The level and colour of light can have an impact on your brain.  While an intense white light activates your brain, warm, softer lighting can help reduce your levels of stress.

    Unnatural blue lighting can negatively impact your sleep cycle, as it  tricks your body into thinking it’s day time. Be aware of this when choosing artificial lighting for rooms you spend time in during the evening. TVs and computer screens have been known to emit blue light,  a better night's sleep could be encouraged by turning these off before you go to sleep.

    Try to include different sources of light. Use dimmers in rooms that you spend time in in the morning and evening This gives you the option of the level of light in the room.

    Design styles such as biophilic and ecological design are based on evidence from extensive research that green surroundings and natural materials have a beneficial effect on your health. While plants in your home have been found to reduce stress and improve concentration, a great plant to incorporate in your home is an air purifying plant. They refresh the air which has the benefit of increasing positive feelings. The most effective plants are Peace Lilies, Snake Plants and Aloe Vera, and all of these are low maintenance.

    • Shapes

    Rounded edges have been found to make individuals feel more relaxed compared to sharp angles. Studies have found that round decor is perceived as more friendly. Soft geometry used through your interior is a great way to create a flow throughout your home.

    • Smell

    Our sense of smell can sometimes be overlooked, but the right scent for your home can help enhance your space. With different scents creating different feelings, you can plan the scent in your home to individual rooms. Natural scents encourage relaxation which will be effective in your living room. For your home office or kitchen, citrus scents can make you feel more awake and productive. Using lavender scents in the bedroom can help encourage a better night's sleep.

    • Colours

    Colours act on different areas of our brains which can affect our mood. Organic colours that are common to find in nature, often trigger a calming and serene effect on our moods. Intense colours such as red, orange and yellow the brain so wouldn’t be recommended for the colour to be used a lot in rooms that are meant for relaxing. These stimulating colours are recommended as feature colours, compared to calming colours that are great to use on walls and large areas.

    Calming and stimulating colour chart


    • Temperature

    Well balanced temperature is important for creating a comfortable environment. Our brain is very sensitive to sudden temperature changes which may impact our cognitive performance and on an emotional level, cause hostility.

    • Clutter

    Items strewn around your home can cause you to feel drained, stressed and chaotic. Subconsciously, when we walk past clutter our brain decides whether to put it away or leave it, hence  it has a negative impact on the brain. Iit causes it to constantly be thinking and making decisions.

    A designated junk draw is great for items that you don’t know whether to throw away yet or to keep.


    The Key To Approaching Neuroarchitecture At Home


    Understanding yourself and how proposed designs will impact the way you feel. For example, if you are a strong introvert, a large open-plan home may not make you feel comfortable.

    If you are looking for a new home, think back to past experience for clues on what works for you. Try to create a design that works for your lifestyle and makes tasks easier. Put objects and furniture in logical places, and put more thought into your design, not just whether it looks nice, but is it beneficial?

    Neuroarchitecture is a relatively new and exciting design concept, with enough research the idea is to design cities of the future that will improve the health and social relationships of their inhabitants.

  • Interior Styles Through The Decades

    Interior styles are ever changing, with each decade having a staple look. Designs seem to evolve and reappear, with trends having a story behind the look. These stories reflect what is happening in the world at the time. We will explore a number of factors, including the impact of the post war era, along with the ability for mass production through the development of industrialisation. Even the seasons as well as a nation's obsession with space travel influenced design trends. Here we are going to dive into some of the biggest interior trends from the past 10 decades.

    Art Deco 1910 Illustration Interior

    1910s - Art Deco Interiors

    The art deco style reflected an admiration for the modernity of machines at the time. Pieces were elaborate and atypical, the distinctive and glamorous movement made use of round mirrors, geometric textiles and stainless steel framed sofas. Often pieces would combine multiple materials in single items. The style went out of fashion in most places during World War II, but there was a renewed interest in Art Deco in the late 60s and 21st century.

    1920’s - The Bauhaus Movement

    Originated from a German school of the arts. The school eventually morphed into its own design and art movement. Famous furniture designers that went to the Bauhaus school include Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, who went on to design iconic pieces such as the Barcelona Chair and Barcelona Daybed.Bauhaus School

    The style combines form and function with minimal detail, it made a statement by embracing bold and primary colours. Most furniture in the 1920’s was made from wood, but during the Bauhaus movement designers utilized materials that were revolutionary at the time, they experimented with tubular steel, glass, plywood and plastic.

    A lot of furniture designed during this interior trend was light weight and featured thin, slender and straight legs.

    Today Bauhaus is still renowned for its unique aesthetic and enduring influence on modern and contemporary art.

    1940’s - Modernism

    A lot of people presume modern interior design is based on the current interior styles; it actually refers to the 1940’s where the modern movement took place. Inspired by the machine age and new technologies, more designers began to have an analytical approach to design as there was less of an emphasis on decoration and more focus on form and function.

    They followed a mantra that less is more, and homes were made minimal compared to previous interior style trends.

    1950’s - Scandinavian Design

    The introduction of Scandinavian furniture was a significant part of the modernist movement. Influenced by Nordic regions where their winter days were cold and short, the desire for interiors to be cozy yet bright was a crucial key to the trend. There was a demand for affordable furniture due to the slum of post war, this meant furniture was produced with low cost and durable materials.Scandinavian Inspired Home Interior The designs followed a neutral colour palette and a minimalist form and function design.

    These practical considerations led to a new level of spare elegance and a fondness for lighter colours, simple forms and open plan spaces.

    Influential designers to the trend include Arne Jacobsen who brought us simply elegant pieces such as the Egg Chair and Series 7 Chair.

    1950’s - Mid-Century Modern

    Across the pond, America was creating its rival modern design movement that was later called “Mid-Century Modern” by art historian, Cara Greenberg. The concept of the design was simple, to create functional yet aspirational furniture that was accessible to the general people.

    The style first started to appear on the West Coast of America, architects focused on bringing modernity to post-war suburbs. The buildings were designed to be contemporary and practical family homes, as this was the “Baby Boomer” era.

    Charles and Ray Eames were among the most prominent of American Mid-Century designers, their easy and casual Californian aesthetic along with the designer’s motto appealed to mass people across the country.

    Mass produced furniture that was functional, simple and elegant yet was easy to afford and manufacture was the basis around a lot of the furniture designs. They made use of clean, simple lines, geometric silhouettes and multi-purpose usage.

    1960’s - Space Age Era

    Putting an end to the grey post war years, there was technological progress and economic recovery after years of struggling and healing. Society was finally ready for a change and thanks to new integrated technology and new, enthusiastic designers embracing innovative materials, this took interior style into the future.Tulip table in Space Age Inspired Interior

    Space Age furniture was a mixture of futuristic and organic design. There was a fascination with fluid shapes and sleek forms that could be achieved through clever, new use of materials.

    The moon landing triggered an even bigger hype of space travel as it seemed closer than ever.

    Designer Eero Aarnio seemed to embrace the space age vision when he was designing his futuristic and innovative Ball and Bubble Chairs. With an unconventional approach to creating these designs, Eero Aarnio was turned away by manufacturing companies as his ideas seemed to be impossible to produce.

    Self Expression Inspired Interior Featuring DSW Chairs

    1970’s - Self Expression

    During the hippie movement, interior design took a turn for the outdoors. With a lot of pieces being made from natural elements, we also saw an introduction of dark reds, mustard yellows, and dark green as earthy tones made a large impact.

    Furniture and interiors were made to be environmentally friendly as during this era, people began to think of the effects of the quickly developing technological and industrial industry.

    1980’s - Postmodernism

    A reverse reaction to the direction of the modern movement from previous decades, postmodernism saw use of bold colour, clashing patterns, oversized scale for designs and excessive decoration. The edgy and playful trend was short lived but was seen as a proactive movement that challenged the establishment made by previous interior styles. A robust rebellion, the design embraced unconventional ideas and artsy, extravagant styles.

    1990’s - Minimalism

    Minimal Home Featuring DSW Chair and Barcelona Chairs
    After the 1980’s wild and excessive interior trend, simple became a synonym for sophisticated. Trends settled down and moved back to the basics, as there was a heavy focus on creating a comfortable and welcoming home.

    The 1990’s saw a rise in DIY after a number of interior design and DIY shows started to be aired on the television. This gave inspiration and enthusiasm to individuals, if they had little knowledge before here was proof, they could certainly begin to learn.

    2010’s - Bespoke Furniture

    With smart technology being so accessible and the growing market of ecommerce stores, good design is virtually available to everyone. With a wider choice and a more diverse style, individuals began to expand on their choice of interior designs.

    There are a lot of interiors that are styled from previous design trends, however one that has recently become available is the Industrial interior design.

    Inspired by a growth of converted warehouse, factory and high ceiling loft converted apartments, Industrial homes make use of raw materials and earthy colour palettes staying true to the buildings initial purpose whilst creating a stunning liveable home.

    With styles making impressive changes over the past 100 years, thanks to inspiring designers, innovative technological advances and revolutionary materials, the next 10 decades will be exciting to see the progress that is made.

    Tolix Chair in an Industrial Style Home

  • Eames Eiffel Chairs, As Intended

    For anyone who isn’t aware, the Eames Eiffel Chair range is made up of plastic side chairs, armchairs, and rocking chairs from the iconic mid-century design duo.

    How have the dining chairs been made to be “As Intended”?

    Eames DSW Chair used in the homeEames designed the Eiffel Chair range to be affordable so everyone can enjoy, so as Eames would have wanted, we are now making our Eames Dining Chairs more affordable so that everyone can have the designer look at a lower price. In no way have the chairs been compromised in quality to achieve this, actually the opposite with the introduction of softer feet and new manufacturing methods means the chair is the same standard if quality whilst remaining faithful to the original design.

    Our Pash Classics collection has also been pared back to feature a curated range of 8 coloured seat tops. These colours have been specially chosen to complement the wide range of interior design styles that the chairs correspond with. Because we are now only producing curated colours, our manufacturing costs have been reduced and we are passing this onto our customers.

    How The Plastic Seat Is Made

    The ergonomically designed shell styled seat is comfortable to sit in for hours and is suitable for any individual. The ABS plastic used to create the seat top is moulded so it can be made from one continuous material rather than multiple pieces joined together.

    How They Got Their Nickname Eiffel?

    So why are they nicknamed “The Eiffel Chairs”? This term was coined from the original all steel frames that have a close resemblance to the famous Paris landmark. The DSW & DAW Chair were produced later with their incorporated wooden and steel frame base.

    These timeless and beloved designs seem to always be in high demand due to their versatility and style. They are one of a few modern plastic dining chairs that remain stylish.
    Business Interior Using DSW Chairs

    Versatile For Homes & Businesses

    The durable design is a favourite for home and businesses alike. A lot of cafes, restaurants and waiting rooms put their trust in this design for its timeless style and hard-wearing quality.

    What Makes The Eiffel Chair Range Special

    The plastic chairs are easy to clean making them maintainable, hygienic and perfect for families. The high-quality materials make the chairs long-lasting and able to take on everyday knocks and bumps that come with constant use. The high pigmented colours ensure a colourful and vibrant addition to any setting.

    Pash Classic’s Curated Colour Choice

    Available in a vast range of coloured seat tops, we felt there were too many options making it harder to choose the right one.  Also a lot of the colours only had a slight difference between shades. We have narrowed the choice down to a versatile range of curated colours. These include white, black, dark grey, mid-grey, beige, ocean, mustard, and forest green.
    Eames DAR Chair in Home Interior
    Monochrome colours are easily the most popular colour choices as they are simple to style and suit a lot of interior colour schemes. These are the colours that never seem to go out of fashion even with trends constantly changing.

    Mustard yellow was chosen as it was a popular mid-century colour and is great to use to make a statement. Paired among a muted colour palette, mustard can be a lot more usable than you may have originally thought. While it is a strong colour, it coordinates and complements a lot of other hues and shades.

    Blue being a primary colour is a colour we needed to keep. The ocean blue Eiffel Chairs work well with many homes as the darker tone complements both bright and muted colour palettes.

    Minimalist Interior Design MoodboardAs nature is a trend that will never go out of fashion, we have chosen a forest green to complement this. For those who are cautious of adding striking colour contrasts to their interior, this is the ideal solution to add a splash of subtle colour.

    In Minimalist Homes


    The concept of minimalism is to take notions of modern design and simplify it further. Nothing is excessive or flamboyant in a minimalist interior.  Furnishings are streamlined and simple, colour palettes are neutral and airy.

    The neutral colours and design of the Eames Chairs fulfill the clean, crisp aesthetic of the minimalist decor. They merge well with the interior to create an understated look, but with the addition of a patterned cushion you can draw the eye to the piece, if you desire.
    Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Moodboard

    In Mid-Century Style Homes

    A retro nostalgia style that emphasises the throwback design elements of functionality, pared-down and organic shapes of the 1950s and 60s. Designs are easy to use and contemporary with simple upholstery designs.

    The warmth of the colour palette can be complemented with walnut legs and a mustard seat top. Designed in the era that inspired this trend, there is no better addition to include in a mid-century modern interior.

    In Industrial Style Homes

    Industrial Interior Design MoodboardAs the name implies, an industrial interior decor is inspired by the raw features of warehouses and urban lofts. With a sense of unfinished elements, it is common to see exposed brickwork, wood and ductwork. Normally renovated from industrial buildings or lofts, the design emphasises the high ceilings and metal fixtures.

    The intricate work of the all steel frame legs can perfect the raw impression of an industrial home. The bold, striking features that create the style merges seamlessly with a dark Eames DAR or DSR.

    In Scandinavian Homes


    Inspired by the simplicity of life demonstrated in Nordic countries. Simple and understated it usually has a sense of a piece of art from its curvaceous form and unique craftsmanship. Designs are made from sculptural influences and furniture is made to be functional.Scandinavian Interior Design MoodboardWith a close connection with nature, organic elements are commonly used.

    The wooden elements featured on the Eames DSW and DAW Chair helps to provide the connection with nature that the style relies upon. While the plastic seat top contrasts this material and defines the beech legs and other wood features.

    Muted colours of beige, white, and mid-grey fulfill the neutral color scheme and help to achieve a flawless and simplistic aesthetic.

    In Coastal Homes


    Common features from coastal inspired homes are the light and airy colour palette complemented with shades of blue and green. Furniture is mostly white or beige and elements of wood used are inspired by the seaside. Coastal Interior Design MoodboardThe intention of a coastal interior design trend is to achieve a relaxed and comfortable environment inspired by the beach and ocean.

    Don’t be afraid to mix up your colours to achieve your coastal interior. Ocean, white and mustard complement this colour palette the best. Against white, monotone walls the colourful chairs can uplift the room.

    Along with the plastic seat top, the light wood effect of the beech legs contributes to the coastal aroma of the interior.

    In Modern Homes


    Modern Interior Design BoardModern interior design is seen as a broad term but it typically refers to homes that are clean, with crisp lines and a simple colour palette. Popular materials used are metal, glass and steel. A commonly used word to describe modern homes is sleek, the idea is that there is not a lot of clutter or accessories.

    The use of steel is a popular material for this look. The sharp angles of the legs and steel frame paired with the curvaceous features of the seamless seat top coordinates with the characteristics of a modern interior design. Minimal backdrops can contrast against the strong tones of the chairs.
    Versatile and beloved since the start of production back in 1950, it is easy to understand why the Eames Eiffel Chair collection is still one of the most popular designs of the mid-century.

  • Interior Design Ideas: How To Spend Time Uplifting Your Home

    With more time being spent at home, do you find yourself noticing more ways your home could do with a touch-up? We have got our in-house interior designer, Lydia, to give you some advice to make a home you are proud of.

    Her opinion, when it comes to interior design, is that the best homes strike a balance between style and comfort, so you can enjoy spending time in the pleasure of your own home.

    Adding Warmth To A Room

    If you find a room in your home lacks character or warmth, there’s no better solution than adding wood. The details of wood features and furniture is an easy way to uplift your layout and create texture.Eames DAW Chair in Kitchen with wooden features

    Why does wood add warmth? It’s part of a nature connected interior design and can transform the mood of the room or house. With its organic aesthetic presence, it can create a homely and welcoming feeling that other materials don’t always reflect. And unlike other materials, wood is easy to work with as it looks good in pretty much any interior style. It blends tastefully with a range of different materials.

    The use of wood and plants in this home brings a comforting feeling and paired with the yellow metal chairs adds a touch of colour that could be seen as cold in another setting. The Eames DAW Chair is an easy addition to any space, made from a curated range of plastic seat tops and beech wooden legs, it’s adaptable to the style it's placed within.

    Consider Designer, Contemporary Furniture

    They seem to only get better with age and don't appear to be going out of fashion any time soon. We have found that mid-century designer pieces have stood the test of time and are becoming ever more popular. By purchasing designer furniture you don’t need to worry about trends changing and your home looking outdated. The timeless designs seem to be adaptable with varying interior trends from Scandinavian to industrial homes.

    Wegner Shell Chair in living room with wall details

    Add Details To Your Walls

    The decorative feature of wall panels and other details can be added to more than just period properties. It can add character and texture to your home and is becoming a prominent trend in the world of interior design. It may seem and look expensive but it doesn’t have to be.  You can look for MDF versions that are a lot more affordable. Once your wall details are mounted it can do a great job of hiding surfaces that aren’t looking their best.

    In this photo, they’ve been bold by combining a coral wall with black detail. If this is too bright for you, play safe with neutral colours. Then they have contrasted the colour of their walls with a mustard sofa and white cushioned Wegner Shell Chair.

    Don't Be Scared To Use Bold Patterns

    Floors are often left a bit unforgotten and not given that special attention they should receive.Eames DSW Chair in bedroom with bold flooring A statement flooring balanced with stripped back walls can create striking results in your home. The key to the composition of a room with bold flooring is to compensate for the busy flooring with plain walls. Therefore look for furniture pieces that can be lifted off the floor or have a small surface area.

    If you are uncertain about whether to take the big jump to bold flooring, a great way to test it out is buying a large patterned rug. This allows you to see what it will look like and can you live with it. Here you can see that they’ve used a geometric rug to cover the flooring in their bedroom. They’ve paired it with a neutral colour scheme and furniture like the Eames DSW Side Chair. They have then added splashes of colour through the use of art and plants.

    Eames All Black DSR Chair in home with contrasting colour block walls

    Reinvent Classic Looks

    Revisited from the past, the interior design world is featuring a lot of colour block walls. It’s one way to make a statement on a bland wall without the use of art or tall furniture. The one thing a colour block wall guarantees is the power to create a serious impression in the room.

    There are various levels of bravery. How many colours do you want to use, the types of colours and the style of the block? The divided and sharp lines can emphasise interesting parts in your home as in this photo. The curved wall is exaggerated with the diagonally split black and white wall. It is complemented with dark furniture, in this case the black leg Eames DSR Chair.

    Use A Colour Palette That Inspires You

    Eames DSW Chair used at a home desk
    Your choice of colour is very important when it comes to your interior design ideas. If you want your decor to be lively, then you will want to step away from neutrals as they’re subtle and won’t make your space stand out.

    An easy way to add colour to your home is to accessories with the use of brighter hues and tones while sticking to a neutral backdrop. So keep your walls and large pieces of furniture neutral but add splashes of colour with smaller items that are less noticeable and easier to replace, such as a vase or lamp. This is a lot less expensive if you then want a change of colour scheme.

    Here neutral walls, desk, flooring, and Eames Eiffel Chair are paired with a turquoise lamp and plants to add greenery.

    Eames DSW Dining room and accessories

    Style Your Storage Furniture

    By applying the art of display to your storage solutions, you can make a big difference to your home. Make having shelves and bookcases more than just a need for storage, they can give great style to a room. A tip for achieving the art of display is not to always overcrowd a space. Choose accessories in the same or similar colour and tone and use the rule of three.

    Rather than just hanging some art on the wall, here they’ve used a shelf to display their pieces and a few extra accessories in their dining room.

    The Rule Of Three In Interior Design

    A trick used by interior designers everywhere is to remember the rule of three, this is the idea that grouping odd numbers of items forces the eyes to move around the room and creates a more visually interesting space.
    Eames DSW Chair used as plant holder

    Make A Design Unique In Your Home

    Making a piece of furniture a focal point by using it in an unprecedented way can create a bespoke piece for your home. It can be inspiring to think outside the box and not always conveniently use products. Here a Side Chair has been used to hold plants in a botanical part of a house.

    While interior designers know about interior styles, trends and how to perfectly execute them, individual style and personality can help your home feel your own and make you happy to spend time in.

  • How To Adjust To The Redefined Idea Of Working From Home

    DSW Table & Chairs WorkspaceCurrent situations have left people unprepared for the upcoming months, whether you’ve had to quickly double up your dining room as your office, or switch your lounge to your new boardroom, it has redefined the original perception of a home office and adapting to the new normal has been a major change for a lot of people.

    To try and make things a little easier for everyone going through these hard times, we have put together tips on how to make the most of your home office and adjust to working from home.

    The Positives Of Working From Home

    It’s best to try and look on the bright side of all situations, there are a lot of benefits to working from home. It can provide a better work-life balance, remove the hassle of commuting and potentially (one of the best reasons), provide the ability to personally create your office space. With your own decision on how to put together your workspace, you can make it productively stimulating and pleasant to spend time in.

    Find A Practical Solution

    Make the most of what you have. Find a space that doesn’t have too many environmental distractions. The best workspaces need to be functional before anything else. It may seem like a nicer idea to work on the sofa, but a dining table or counter can be more useful when it comes to productive working.

    Saying that the benefit of working from home is the ability to move where you like. If you have a less busy afternoon then take your laptop with you onto a comfy chair, sofa or outside into the garden to enjoy some fresh air and the sunshine.
    Eames EA119 Office Chair at Office Desk

    Follow Ergonomic Rules

    Many studies have been undertaken to make sure that working at your desk all day doesn't affect your health. These are tested procedures that you should put in place, such as:
    Have the top of your computer screen at eye level. This is so when you read down the screen your eyelids will naturally close slightly which will moisten and reduce eye fatigue.
    Find a chair that your feet can rest firmly on the floor or something placed on the floor such as a thick catalogue.
    Use a chair that supports your posture so you can sit comfortably without hurting your back.

    We have worked to put together a range of trusted Office Chairs or ergonomically designed dining chairs that are the ideal alternative at an affordable price. Take inspiration from our Redefined Home Office range if you are currently struggling with your home office seating.

    Embrace Natural Light

    Try and set up your new workspace where there is a good amount of natural light. As well as providing the benefits of a well-lit workspace it also benefits your mental health making you feel happier and helping you sleep better.

    Home Office Workspace Pash Classics

    Incorporate Plants To Your Home Office Desk

    Indoor greenery can do more than just look stylish. They can make you feel good mentally and physically. Studies have shown that plants in your home can boost morale, productivity, concentration and creativity, along with reducing stress and fatigue, which are all important elements when it comes to creating your home office.

    Add Some Home Comforts To Make You Smile

    Once you feel your workspace setup is complete, add personal touches from photos of family and friends to your favourite cushions and accessories. Find something that reminds you to smile to make working from home happier. Incorporating cushions, blankets and tactile elements can help your work environment feel warmer and settled.

    Adjusting To Working From Home

    Home Office Desk Set UpThe transition from working from the office to home can be daunting. From my personal experience I have found trying to get the balance of work and personal time difficult. When I walk out of the office I can switch off from work, but when working from home I have found it difficult to switch off and relax.

    Some tips I was given, by a close family member who has worked from home for years, have been really helpful and I wanted to share:

    1. Structure Your Day

    Start the day or week by understanding what you need to achieve for the working days ahead. This will help you set daily, and weekly tasks. Being organised and understanding what you need to be doing can help you focus and be productive as you know what goals you are working too.
    This should help if you find yourself getting easily distracted by what's going on around you.

    2. Create A Good Routine

    Eames EA217 Tan Leather
    One thing I have enjoyed about working from home is being able to sleep in due to not having to commute from home to work. However, this can easily slip into late nights and struggling to wake in the morning. Treat your working days like you are still going into the office, get a decent amount of hours sleep, shower and get ready in the morning so you feel prepared for the day. Have an end time to the working day, leaving some time for yourself.

    3. Make Your Day More Than Just Work

    Working out of the office isn’t just the absence of commuting and a different environment, it can be the lack of social interaction with others when you aren’t working face to face. Make time for socialising in the day with colleagues. Talk about work and check up on one another as times like this can be found to be lonely.
    Along with socialising, take breaks in the day for yourself. In the office, you wouldn’t be working the full day so give yourself a break from your desk. A minute outside, stretching or deep breathing will be beneficial and help you be more productive and focused whilst working.

    We hope that these insights help with the current need for adjustments to your work and home life. Along with being productive, ensure you are taking care of yourself and those around you.

  • How To Create Hygge In Your Home

    Pash Classics Oslo City SofaHygge stands for a quality of cosiness and comfortability that induces a feeling of contentment and well-being, it is considered to be one of the characteristics of Danish culture.

    Practicality and simplicity are two of the greatest principles of Scandinavian design, this can be associated with the 1950s and ‘60s where a lot of Scandinavian home were traditionally small. Due to the lack of space in homes they didn’t allow space for extravagant amounts of decorative items, they had a stripped-back style where all furniture had a purpose in the home.

    The Icons That Inspired The Furniture Design Industry

    Influential Scandinavian designers of the era include Arne Jacobsen, renowned for his curvaceous, sleek designs such as the Egg Chair and Swan Chair. Along with Verner Panton who can be recognised for his fluid, futuristic shapes seen in the S-Chair and then Hans Wegner, who mastered the Danish modernism of the period with designs like the Shell Chair. These designers started the trend that would lead to globally inspire the industry.

    Mid-Century Designer Replica PK20 Chairs

    Scandinavian homes offer an understated elegance that is centred around warmth, clean lines and flawless craftsmanship which creates a pure style. It can be characterised by the use of earthy, soft tones, minimal ornamentation and honest materials.

    A Substantial Impact On Interior And Furniture Design

    A blend of textures, contrasts and soft hues are applied to create a sleek, modern feel to their interior, this is what makes the style renowned for its beauty. It's understandable why Scandinavian décor has made an undeniable impact on interior designers approach to space.

    Their mantra complements the art of living well as it promotes a simple home environment that enhances an uplifting lifestyle, which embodies the main desire of Scandinavian design that is to improve daily life.

    What We Love About Scandinavian Design

    There seems to be nothing about Scandinavian Design that isn't to be loved? The ability to create a cosy, content home that is found to help your well-being, the care for nature and the environment so possessions are made to last rather than easily be replaced, along with sophisticated and modern designs that seem to be constantly in style.

    The important balance that the design follows, it seems to take the most valuable parts of interior design to provide the perfect compromise. It delivers functionality yet comfort into spaces. Ultimately, we love how it embraces a variety of principles and characteristics to achieve this.

    Mid Century Designer Replica Sofa

    How You Can Recreate It In Your Home...


    1. A Functional yet Inviting Living Space

    Create a living space that’s clean and functional but still inviting, to accomplish this make use of straight lines and minimal, modern furniture combined with cosy elements such as throw blankets, cushions and plush area rugs.

    2. The Key To Any Living Space… The Sofa

    Try looking for a sofa that has a mid-century modern aesthetic, commonly incorporating wooden angled legs and consisting of muted colours such as the Finn Juhl Poet Sofa. As it's the heart of any living area, it is important to find a sofa that you will find comfortable and easy to relax in.

    Eames DSW Chair in a Scandinavian Inspired Dining Room

    3. Dine Comfortably

    The key to a Scandinavian inspired dining area is to strike a balance in creating a sophisticated yet casual enough space that you will dine comfortably. Create a space that feels open with the use of light colours and wood, Eames DSW & DAW Chairs will fit these conditions well.

    4. Neutral Colour Scheme

    Winters are long and dark in Northern Europe, so the design utilises light, neutral colours to make space feel bright and consistent. With a considerably large neutral colour palette, often bold colours are loosely incorporated throughout their home to bring some colour.

    5. May There Be Light

    The use of light is regarded to be extremely important, that is typically why Scandinavian interiors have white walls to attract the light. Natural lighting can be used to make your home feel brighter and bigger.

    Even though it is preferred to have a lot of natural light, there is still a need for artificial light and in this case, it is best to use pendant lighting as it complements the aesthetic of Scandinavian design and is a great modern alternative to a chandelier. Poul Henningsen Artichoke Lamps enhances the style, creates a striking look compared to other pendant lighting and also helps to spread light over the room that's achieved by layering reflective materials to complete Henningsen's vision of a perfectly lit room.

    6. Declutter

    Follow a less is more design mantra by scaling back on accessories, make your décor visually lightweight with small amounts of decoration. Plants, flowers and other botanicals are the vital decorations as they incorporate nature and will brighten up your space.

    If you would like to add artwork, go for monochrome pieces such as ink drawings, black and white photography or charcoal sketches to complement the principles of Scandinavian design.

    Scandinavian Design

    7. Hard Flooring

    Carpets never became popular in Sweden, instead, you will commonly find the use of light wood flooring throughout homes, apart from in the bathroom. The use of wooden flooring helps to provide a connection with nature that Swedes love.

    8. Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

    Entertaining outdoors during the late summer nights in Sweden is so popular that even the smallest of apartments will have a balcony and terrace so they can host outside. This relationship with nature is in line with the idea of your home bringing you a feeling of content, as spending time outside has been closely linked to a better, healthier mind and body.

    Important Principles

    Even if you don't want to recreate the Scandinavian look in your home, there are principles you could take away that you can apply to your interior, such as creating a space that makes you feel at peace and comforted along with being more sustainable to help the environment.

  • 2020 Trending Colours You Will Want To Look Out For

    Pantone Colour Of The Year 2020 Classic Blue

    The Reigning Colour Over 2020

    Colour experts, Pantone, hold an immense influence over various industries, which makes naming the colour of the year an important trend forecast.

    Appearing in diverse areas such as the beauty industry, art market, automotive manufacturing and tech, it seems like Pantone made the right choice in naming the colour of 2020 Classic Blue.

    Attentive to distinguish 2020's colour from Deep Navy, a Bright Ultramarine, or past Pantone colours of the years such as Turquoise, Blue Iris and Cerulean.

    Shades of Blue

    Emotions Behind Colours

    Eiseman, Executive Director Of The Pantone Colour Institute, explains “When we look at the world around us, we know that we’re living with a lot of unrest, where some days we don’t feel quite as secure, blue, from an emotional, psychological standpoint, has always represented a certain amount of calm and dependability. It’s a colour that you can rely on.”

    And we agree, with blue having a long association with peace and evoking a feeling of reliability.

    How This Impacts Interior Design.

    Blue unites classic designs and is perfectly aligned with interior design's continuous return to traditional decorating styles. This is where our beloved mid-century design replicas can complement the colour of the year. Timeless designs paired with the classic colour can create a well-devised home.

    Our Response

    Carefully curated at Pash Classics by our new member to the team, Lydia who's an in-house interior designer, to show what works with the beautiful, deep colour. She suggests that "Working with subtle tones of white, pink and daffodil yellow effortlessly complements the depth in the colour. Classic blue is an immersing colour so paired with these subtle hues it creates a well-balanced mix."

    Or if you want to make a statement "Contrasting reds, oranges and tan browns can create a different emotion paired with the Classic Blue. It feels daring and bold, suitable for some peoples individual style, but not all."

    Pantone Classic Blue Contrasting and Complementing Interior Colour Schemes

    Designs such as Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, Eames DSW Eiffel Chair, Knoll Sofas and more can make a flawless pairing.

    Our Blue Cashmere, Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Replica is in keeping with the chosen colour of the year. An accent, rich tone that paired with the minimalist shape and sophisticated high winged back of the Egg Chair, could create a chic centre-piece for your home.

    Rethinking The Conventional Idea Of Colour

    Along with the naming of the 2020 colour of the year, Pantone proposed a new marketing technique where they collaborated with several brands to produce the senses of Classic Blue, including smell, sound, taste and texture.

    The result was a swatch of suede-like fabric, a musk-and-sea-salt-scented candle, a blue, berry-flavoured jelly, and a three-minute audio track titled “Vivid Nostalgia.”

    Eiseman’s aspiration is that the exercise will inspire designers and consumers to rethink the idea of colour in the decade ahead.

    Our team worked together to come up with our own 5 senses for the colour of the year. The results were a soft cashmere swatch, luxurious and comforting relating to the emotions that the colour evokes. A beach, sea salt scent similar to the one devised by Pantone, the deep blue colour couldn’t get us away from the idea of the sea. A warm blueberry pie, bringing the idea back to comfort, and finally the track Spectra by Oh Lascar. If you had to reimagine colour, what would you think of?

    Classic Blue Isn’t The Only Colour Trend To Focus On

    Classic Blue and Tranquil Dawn Colours Uninspired by the 2020 Classic Blue colour? Pantone isn't the only one with an impact on interior trends, paint specialists and top international design experts gather at Dulux's Global Aesthetic Centre to discuss worldwide trends that will affect the upcoming year. The outcome, Dulux develop their own colour of the year by transforming these insights into one essential colour trend.

    For 2020, they decided with the start of the new decade and it being seen as a fresh start, that this could be looked upon as a new dawn. The colour experts created an inspiring new shade, Tranquil Dawn.

    Influenced by colours of the morning sky, Tranquil Dawn falls somewhere between blue, green and grey. The colour has been described to adapt according to the shades and tones it's paired with. Dulux released different interior colour palettes to evoke different feelings.

    With a common opinion to Pantone, that individuals lives are continually becoming more hectic and digital, there is a common hope among people for compassion and contentment. The colour Tranquil Dawn is believed to convey an emotion of peace which seems to be desired in this day and age.

    Emotions Behind Interior Colour Schemes

    How Tranquil Dawn Has Inspired Us?

    Lydia, our interior designer, has been working on endless cohesive pairings with the versatile colour. “The subtle tone works effortlessly with light woods such as beech and walnut. You can produce an urban aspect to the shade through the use of brighter colours such as blue, mustard and red. Overall Tranquil Dawn, seems to work well with a wide range of different hues making it an easy colour to work within your home”.

    Tranquil Dawn Complementing Furniture

    What You Can Take Away

    Trends come and go and aren't always individuals style preference. However, one thing to take away from these upcoming trends is the need to have a place to feel relaxed and at peace, make your home somewhere you can get away from a forever rising, hectic lifestyle. You can reflect your interior on what you need in your life by using colours that bring emotion, rather than just following the trends.

  • Pash Classics Competition

    Win a £200 Gift Card

    To enter simply take a photo of how you’ve styled your Pash Classics products in your home, send in your photo to competitions@pash-classics.com or share the photo on Facebook or Instagram using #pashclassics to be in the draw to win a £200 gift voucher off your next purchase with us.

    The competition will close on the 30th September 2019 at midnight and the winner will be chosen at random and contacted on the 1st October with their exclusive voucher. This gift voucher can be used site-wide, is valid for one year and can be used on multiple transactions.

    Struggling to get a good photo to enter? Follow these tips to help you to get an eye-catching image.

    Lighting- this can make or break a good photo, the right lighting can help bring out the best of your home. Natural light is usually best, however, sometimes a little extra can help bring out an image. It will be best to take the photos when the sun is still out. If you think your photo is still a bit too dark try using the flash or turning on a lamp or other source of light.

    Angles- be adventurous and have a play around with different angles, then have a look back and see what works best, you could find something that you didn’t expect to work.

    Don’t be blindsided by the product- we want to see how the products fit in with your home, this can also be a great way to show off your style, but also take into consideration the surroundings of the products and what they look like in the image.

    Try 2 hands instead of one - sometimes holding your phone or camera with 2 hands can help you take a steady photo with no blur from moving.

    Wipe your camera - if the lens is dirty this can really decrease the quality of a good photo, so make sure no fingerprint marks are ruining your homes time to shine.

    Find inspiration for home images at

    Show off your style and test your luck to see whether you win.

  • September's Mid-Century Roundup

    Mid-century advertisements are fascinating. They're a unique glimpse in to the minds of the first consumer decade where the moral compass was sometimes off and everyone looked towards the future. AdSausage holds the greatest archive of these mid-century advertisements that cover just about any industry one can imagine, from clothing to tobacco and automobiles to cosmetics.

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